Why You’re Here. Why I’m Here.

I believe that the power of photography is in the hands of parents.  I’ll say that again later so that you don’t forget.

Pretty pictures are fine.  But photography is far more powerful.  Photography is about remembering.  It’s about preserving story.  It’s about holding on to all of the ordinary moments, and occasionally the extraordinary ones.

Pro photographers are fine.  But they miss all those real life moments.  You’re there.  If you learn to capture them beautifully, you’ll create a treasure.  For you…and your kids.

And hey, there’s good news.  Anyone can learn to take great pics.  You do NOT have to be “creative.”  You don’t even need to “love photography.”

Don’t believe me?  See for yourself by signing up for our Tiny Photo Course For Parents.  You’ll discover how anyone can use 7 tiny secrets to start creating keepsakes, not just snapshots.

Some people are interested in the backstory of Shultz Photo School.  Here it is in under a minute:

The year was 2010.

I owned a thriving studio (Shultz Photography). I was fortunate to shoot very nice destination weddings in very nice places…not that I don’t like corn fields and black dirt (I’m from IL). I shot over 1 million commissioned images in 5 years. I was so blessed to have great clients and a couple great employees.

Over the years, I noticed a lot of clients kept asking me the same thing:

I bought this fancy camera to take great pics of my kids. But either it stinks or I don’t know how to use it. Got any tips?

I started a class called Shultz Photo School (SPS) in my studio as a favor to some of those clients. It was a face-to-face class. That first class, I had 8 parents register and attend.

As they say: the rest is history.

I found one common thread among parents. After buying a camera, most try to learn a few tips. But nearly all fizzle out after getting lost in a sea of disconnected online tutorials.

So I made SPS step-by-step. I connected each concept to the next. I laid awake at night, day dreaming of the perfect way to spoon feed just the right info, just the right amount, at just the right time. I wanted SPS to be like a masterpiece symphony…each part perfectly fitted and placed.

And what do ya know, it actually worked.

Members kept saying that SPS was easy. And fun.

Kyle has a way of explaining photography. Step-by-step, he just makes it EASY. And fun. – Carol L.

70,000 friends later…

You might not ever know just how thankful I am for this opportunity. Over 70,000 people have joined one of the free mini courses and receive our simple tips (blog updates).

And 5,000 have joined the flagship Photo Fix course which I open up just a few times per year.

Thankfully, we’re just getting started.

Through it all I’ve come to truly believe one thing:

The power of photography lies in the hands of parents.

SPS has become perhaps more than a dream.  It feels more like a calling.  And it’s extremely humbling.

And so when I say that I’m grateful for you…you can be assured that I really mean it.

Kyle Shultz

Personal Bio

All 3 of my kids look like my beautiful wife. Amazed by Grace.

Kyle and Julie with kiddos: Trager, Kerbi, and Payson.
Kyle and Julie with kiddos: Trager, Kerbi, and Payson.

6 thoughts on “Why You’re Here. Why I’m Here.”

  1. Hi. I do not have kids, but I saw your name on Donald Millers “storyBrand book. I am working to improve my web site. I teach natural building techniques to people at low income communities in rural Mexico, so they can build their homes and learn a profitable skill. Yes, photo and Video are great tools to achieve my teaching goals. Visiting your beautiful website, gave ideas. I will barrow some, I hope you do not mind. You have inspired me.

    Cato Arce

  2. Hi Kyle,
    I’m reading Donald Miller’s book, “Building a Story Brand.” He mentions you and how you developed your story, website and business.
    I visited your website. It is very simple and clear and wonderful and powerful.
    I’m building my own story brand and website. I’m going to look at yours again if I need a second opinion or inspiration.
    I wish you much continued success.

    1. I’m reading the book to and thought to check out his website. Clear message, excellent story brand. Congratulations on the growth of your business.

  3. Kyle,

    I read about your story in the book, StoryBrand and I had to check your site out for myself. I hate taking pictures but your page made me want to take more of my family. This is great, simple and to the point. I am glad I got to see your site as I am thinking about changing mine now.

    Danté Wilson

  4. Kyle,
    I am part of the StoryBrand book tribe. Beautiful family pic.
    Congrats on your success.

    God Bless!
    Blue Star Embroidery / Chicago IL

  5. Fateme karamiyan

    Hi kyle
    I’m like the others who wrote comments.
    1- the picture was the best part of “a bout us”.
    2- your main title in home page is on the point massage! Congratulations
    3- you can even use better and shorter massages there.
    Your audience need inspiration rather than begin notified ! Inspiration to believe you and to believe value of this kind of photography.
    Jump on the moment

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