The year was 2010

I owned a thriving studio (Shultz Photography). I was fortunate to shoot very nice destination weddings in very nice places…not that I don’t like corn fields and black dirt (I’m from IL). I shot over 1 million commissioned images in 5 years. I was so blessed to have great clients and a couple great employees.

Over the years, I noticed a lot of clients kept asking me the same thing:

I bought this fancy camera to take great pics of my kids. But either it stinks or I don’t know how to use it. Got any tips?

I started a class called Shultz Photo School (SPS) in my studio as a favor to some of those clients. It was a face-to-face class. That first class, I had 8 parents register and attend.

As they say: the rest is history.

I found one common thread among parents. After buying a camera, most try to learn a few tips. But nearly all fizzle out after getting lost in a sea of disconnected online tutorials.

So I made that first SPS course (The Photo Fix) step-by-step. I connected each concept to the next. I laid awake at night, day dreaming of the perfect way to spoon feed just the right info, just the right amount, at just the right time. I wanted SPS to be like a masterpiece symphony…each part perfectly fitted and placed.

And what do ya know, it actually worked.

Members kept saying that SPS was easy. And fun.

Kyle has a way of explaining photography. Step-by-step, he just makes it EASY. And fun.

Carol L.

130,000 subscribers later…

SPS has grow to 130,000 email subscribers and 10,000 have enrolled in at least one course.

We now have 30+ photography courses and the kindest photography community on planet earth.

But we still know now what we knew then.

People don’t need information. They need transformation.

We set out to create the most transformative way for photographers (pro, aspiring pro, and enthusiast) to keep making progress. To keep creating.

The result is our SPS Members program.

Say goodbye to a bunch of courses you’ll never get through.

Say hello to our monthly theme. Every month you’ll master a new photography topic (theme). You’ll get weekly tutorials, daily chats, a monthly Zoom meeting, and a HUGE bias towards actual picture creation. Every week we create new pics together.

The results:

  • Consistent progress in creating better images.
  • Genuine growth.
  • New opportunities.
  • In short, real transformation.

Unexpected bonuses:

  • you’ll have less creative burnout
  • you’ll become a far more well rounded photographer
  • your absolute favorite images of the year will be a direct result of the weekly photo prompts associated with our monthly themes.

If you’re ready to join a program, and a people, that will help you become a better photographer and have way more fun in the process, sign up here.

Personal Bio

All 3 of my kids look like my beautiful wife. Amazed by Grace. #GoCubs

Kyle and Julie with kiddos: Trager, Kerbi, and Payson.