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Background photo by Courtney Knowlan (SPS Member)

Our kids grow up fast

If only we could bottle them up.  Enter photography.
But learning how to take great photos comes with long tutorials and geeky language.
Enter the Tiny Photo Course For Parents.  It’s custom made for busy parents: 1 week. 1 minute per day. And effortlessly applied to everyday life.
"I've taken a couple of photography classes, read my manual cover to cover, and scanned through a zillion blog posts on photography, but I have never encountered information presented in such a succinct, easy-to-understand format that I could implement immediately. I was so impressed!"​
Featured Course

The Photo Fix

The Photo Fix is a video based photography course for busy parents.
● Master your camera ● Discover timeless photography essentials ● Learn to edit

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"Shultz Photo School has been life changing! The Photo Fix is easy to follow, non-stressful, and the community is so supportive. My photography has exceeded all my expectations and now I have beautiful photos of my family that not only hang on my walls but will be in my heart forever!"
Lindsey Larivee
SPS Member

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SPS Memberships include an all-access subscription with incredible ongoing support.
● Access all SPS Courses  ● A new course every month  ● World famous community

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"SPS has been such an incredible learning experience. The lessons are presented in a non-intimidating manner for all skill levels. The SPS Members community has been very supportive and encouraging as well! Above all, I'm making real progress in my photography!"
Nicole Miley Paul
SPS Member

Featured Course

The Lightroom Fix

The Lightroom Fix is an online editing course for complete beginners.
● Discover pro editing secrets  ● Develop your signature style  ● Bulletproof your workflow

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"SPS literally changed my life. I now have the most beautiful photos of my family, an amazing online community of photographer friends and a thriving photography business. It was without a doubt the best gift I ever gave myself!"
Emily Brunner
SPS Member