Photography Business Bootcamp

Launch a successful photography business in 12 weeks! Bootcamp begins June 7th!

100% Online

View the entire course, ask questions, and get feedback all within Shultz Photo School.

Video Based

Each week includes a video based lesson. Plus, video based Q&A's will be available as needed!


Learn the critical keys to start a successful photography business. Perfect for newbies or existing businesses that need a boost.

Incredible Support

Get access to incredible support inside our custom SPS Community. Everything is 100% private, safe, and secure.

Course Schedule

1: Enroll Today!

After enrolling you'll get an email with your Shultz Photo School (SPS) login credentials. You'll get immediate access to all course tutorials and our Bootcamp Community, perfect for those who want to peek ahead.

2: June 7th - Module 1 Begins!

We'll complete 12 modules together, each one lasting one week! Each week begins with a lesson but focuses on a clear action plan. Just follow along step by step to launch your business in 12 weeks!

3: August 29th - Bootcamp concludes!

Lifetime access members will continue to get access to all course materials. Bootcamp-only access will expire 8/29/2021.

Here's What You'll Get

Access to all Course Content

12 Step-By-Step Modules

Access to the SPS Community

Here's What You'll Learn

Week 1: Introduction

Gain clarity on your “why” and your ideal photography business.

Week 2: Business Setup

Work through a tangible checklist of things needed to started a photography business.

Week 3: Day to Day setup

Discover software and systems to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Week 4: Branding

Learn the elements of a strong brand and discover a list of decisions to help define your unique brand identity. 

Week 5: Services Offered

Define the services you want to offer and design a profitable pricing model.

Week 6: Website Design

Craft a powerful website to attract clients and learn SEO basics.

Week 7: Social Accounts

Learn the most important aspects of using social media to attract and grow your ideal audience.

Week 8: Workflows

Discover proven workflows / systems to improve both studio productivity and the client experience!

Week 9: Portfolio

Learn the importance of consistency, finding your unique style, organization, and getting clients to build your portfolio.

Week 10: Marketing Part 1

Now it’s time to start sharing your gift with the world! Discover multiple ideas to start getting your name out there!

Week 11: Marketing Part 2

There are so many ways to market a business…so we need an additional week! 

Week 12: Tips for Success

You’re set. Now all you need to do is jump! We’ll spend our final week with tips to inspire you to grow your dream!

How the "12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp" Stacks Up

YouTube is incredible. However, learning a topic as broad as starting a photography business via YouTube comes with three main problems:

  1. Overwhelm: There’s so much information, some good, some bad, but all utterly disconnected and unordered. 
  2. Information gaps: You’ll almost certainly miss numerous key concepts because you didn’t even know to search for them.
  3. Support: simply put, there is none via YouTube. However, the 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp includes support through the entire course. You’ll also get access to the SPS Community for members only. You can post questions, get feedback, and be inspired!  Best part, our social app is 100% private and secure. We don’t sell ANY of your data!

Ditch the overwhelm and the info gaps. 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp makes launching your photography business crystal clear, leading you step-by-step to creating the work of your dreams!

Udemy has a lot of photography courses, but there’s a few things that set the 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp apart:

  1. Quality Course Content: After reviewing dozens of Udemy photography courses (and others), we guarantee the 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp will better prepare you for a modern day, real world photography business! 
  2. Better Community: Udemy has a comment section.  The 12 Week Photography Business Bootcamp includes strict member-only access to the SPS Community. You can post questions, get feedback, and be inspired!  Best part, our social app is 100% private and secure. We don’t sell ANY of your data!
  3. Better Support: Not only does the SPS Staff offer daily support in our SPS Community, we also host LIVE Q&A’s for each module. 

Here's What You'll Need

Pricing Options


Bootcamp Only Access

$ 399
  • ACCESS THROUGH 8/29/2021 Get course access for the group bootcamp experience.
  • 12 WEEKS OF STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION to help you build, launch, and grow a photography business.
  • WORKSHEETS AND ACTION PLANS to ensure you actually start your photography business, not just learn about it!
  • SPS COMMUNITY: Widely known as the most encouraging photography group on the internet. Get help and be inspired.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Lifetime Access

$ 499
  • LIFETIME COURSE ACCESS! Get access to the Group Bootcamp Experience (June 7 - August 29), but then get continued access to all course content forever.
  • LIFETIME COMMUNITY ACCESS! Get access to the SPS Business Bootcamp Community for life.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

"I made $1,000 in my first month!"


Here's some frequent a's to your q's. And if you still have a question, email us ([email protected])!

Bootcamp Only Access: You’ll get access to all course materials through the 12 week group experience only. Access starts when you sign up, but then we release ONE module per week starting June 7th, 2021.

Lifetime Access:
You’ll get lifetime access to all course materials and the SPS Photography Business Bootcamp community.

Yes, the course is 100% online.

If you buy the LIFETIME ACCESS option, then you get course and community access for life!

If you buy the BOOTCAMP ONLY option, you’ll get access through August 29th, 2021.

It can be if you want it to, but you’re much more likely to get more value if you go through the bootcamp experience alongside our other members. This way you’ll benefit from the daily chats within the SPS Community and the weekly Zoom Q&A’s

Absolutely, of course. Shultz Photo School is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

We’ll have LIVE Q&A sessions throughout the course release. We also have a community feature where you can post questions, be inspired, and meet new friends!


Of course.  If you don’t think the course delivers, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days.