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Learn to Shoot In Manual Mode

I recently polled folks here at SPS and asked them what they most wanted to learn about.  The #1 answer?  Shooting in manual.  I can see why.  We have this sense that if we could […]

$17 DIY Studio

$17 DIY Studio

Ever wish you could create a cheap, easy DIY studio in your own home?  Perhaps a place to take that next family pic for the Christmas card? You’re in luck.  This isn’t your typical tutorial (no […]


Take Your iPhoneography to the Next Level

Ready to take your iPhone pics to the next level?  Sign up for our mini course and we’ll walk you through our best tips and tricks.  You’ll up your game in no time flat.

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Canon SL1 Camera Giveaway

I think it’s that time of the year again.  As we near 15,000 email subscribers here at SPS, it’s time to celebrate and say thank you with a giveaway.

New Camera? Burn The Manual.

Did you get a new camera for Christmas?  Many ask for a new camera with high hopes that it will magically improve their photos.  And by magically, we mean we hope we don’t have to actually learn […]