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Our “Your Story” theme in our Members program continues. One incredibly important part of your story is – YOU. As photographers, we are usually so good about photographing everyone else but so terrible at including ourselves in the shot. Am I right?

If you’ve followed along here for any length of time, you’ll hear us preach again and again to get yourself in the frame. We’re not going to stop. Scroll through the past three month’s photos you have taken and note how many include you in it. Bet you’ll find very few. It’s time, once again, to

While we may often think of the typical “get in the frame” approach such as using a tripod, doing a selfie, or passing the camera to someone else to take a pic of you, we are challenging you to include yourself in the shot but from your perspective as you hold your camera. It’s a more passive and yet very meaningful way to capture life as you see it with some part of you included.  

We’ll give you a few fun and quick ways to get yourself in the frame and get yourself included in your photographic legacy.

Capture the season

We’ll all be snapping pics of our kids during this holiday season. Sipping hot chocolate, making snowmen, wrapping gifts, making cookies, lighting a Menorah, trimming the Christmas tree – the list goes on and on. Capture your part in your holiday traditions. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Image courtesy of SPS Member Betsy Marziani

Capture your pastimes

This crazy year has gifted a lot of us more family time. Capture the things you’re doing with your family time whether that’s playing board games, geocaching, riding bikes, or cooking in the kitchen. Including yourself in the shot really helps makes any family shot feel more complete.

Image courtesy of SPS Staffer Sarah Bednar

Capture everyday moments

Our kids are only little for a moment. In a blink, they’re all grown up. Take a second to capture them how you see them in this moment. Thigh high hugs, tiny arms reaching up, irresistible eyes imploring you for one more cookie – all of these things become memorable in a brand new way when you capture them from your own perspective.

Image courtesy of SPS Staffer Annette Heck

Capture milestones

We’re familiar with shooting our kiddos’ gap-toothed smiles, birthdays, and first days of school, but what if we included a little of ourselves in those photos? Sure, our kids will likely remember that we were there even if we’re not in the shot. An image that includes a part of us will help them remember how it FELT to have us there.

Image courtesy of SPS Member Lindsey Larivee

Capture what they love

Often we take a moment to capture our kiddos playing dress up, putting on make-up, or helping in the kitchen or the garden. How often do we include ourselves in the shot? Time to get creative and put a little of yourself in the frame. Hold that high heel while your little one steps into it. Put your hand over his as he uses the rolling pin. And then remember to capture it all!

Image courtesy of SPS Member Lauren Lee

Capture just your part

While it is wonderful to capture bits of us with our kids and families, it’s an equally wonderful gift to capture ourselves doing things alone. Wrapping gifts in secret, making a special (or everyday) dessert, maybe folding a special blanket after having washed it, slipping into some pretty shoes for a special occasion, or even just cooking dinner.

When our kids look back on their childhood, they’ll remember these moments and looking at a photograph will carry them right back to the warmth and safety of those familiar moments.

Image courtesy of SPS Member Stephany Silcox

No matter how you choose to get yourself in the frame, making the commitment to doing so is a gift your family will appreciate for generations to come.

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