Three Tips for Better Back to School Pics

Image courtesy of Annette Heck

Where did the summer go? It’s already time to head back to school. We wanted to share a few quick and easy tips to help you get some better back to school shots of your kiddos.

1. Shoot it early

First days of school are already chaotic (and sometimes even tearful for kids (or moms!)). Shoot that back to school photo before school actually starts. Not only will you have a more relaxed shooting environment, but if you choose to shoot outside the school, you’ll probably have the place to yourself!

Image courtesy of SPS Member Chelsea Barker

2. Keep the setup simple.

Keeping a simple, uniform background will keep focus on your little back to schooler. Your open front doorway is a great spot for some good light. Simply have your kiddo sit just inside the doorway where they can still see a lot of open sky. Your garage can also be a great spot for some beautiful light. A backyard fence can be a great backdrop, too.

Image courtesy of SPS Member Jen Heavener

3. Change your perspective

Shoot at eye level, from above, and from ground level upward (which will really give the effect of making your little one seem a bit bigger). There’s no right or wrong here, but changing up your perspective will help keep things fresh and interesting.

Image courtesy of SPS Member Jennifer Sutsser

Bonus! Capture some comedy!

That’s right. Yuk it up! Let the kids strike a pose of their choosing. Encourage some goofy faces. As you laugh together, you’ll start to see some genuine smiles and those will be golden. Be sure to snap away during the silliness, too!

Alternately, let your kids know that if they can give you ten minutes of cooperation and nice smiles, you’ll let them go wild with poses they choose and silly faces. It’s a trick I’ve used with much success!

Image courtesy of SPS Member Nicole Paul

We hope these tips can help you check back to school pics off your list without adding to your back to school stress!

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