A super simple tip for posing your kid naturally.

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Over in the SPS Grads Program we’ve been making our way through a posing course.  It’s all about posing kids and families naturally.

I thought I’d share a really quick segment of a longer video for all to see.

Here’s the premise:

If you can get the hands comfortable, then you can get the entire pose comfortable.

If the hands are feeling awkward, then the pose is usually feeling awkward too.

While the full video goes over different options with hand placement (crossing in front, behind, and non-crossed, etc), this quick segment also talks about how important it is to get the feet comfortable.

The quick tip for feet: stand on one leg.

As in, put your weight primarily on one leg.  It’s how we’d stand if we were relaxed…

Okay, here’s the video segment that dives into this a bit more:

Okay folks, hope that helps!

Join us inside the SPS GRADS program for more simple posing tips (and so much more)!

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7 thoughts on “A super simple tip for posing your kid naturally.”

  1. Spot on… I am always feeling awkward about what my hands are doing while I pose for a picture. I usually end up having them at odd angles on my knees or on a chair handle. Next time I am taking a photo or am posing for one, I will give a few moments to see how best the hands and feet can be relaxed. I am sure I will end up having a much better photo.

    1. That top image is just a screen shot. The video is below and should play fine. Sorry for the confusion!

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