GRADS Practice 21: Jump!


Hey and welcome to this week’s PS:


Use perspective, lighting, or shutter speed to show us an interesting shot of someone jumping this week.  Think about how you can get creative and take a jumping pic to the next level.  Extra points for using more than one element.

Sharing Instructions

You don’t have to share your masterpiece with us.  But we’d love it if you did!

Here are the rules:

  1. Post just ONE single pic.
  2. Make sure you take your pic THIS WEEK.  We’re working on honing our camera skills, not our archive searching skills.
  3. Hashtag it with #SPSGradPractice and #SPSGradPractice21 and (if you’re inclined) #yourfirstandlastname (so your adoring fans can search your work) in our Facebook Group.  BTW, please use our GRADS group, not our LR Group.

Bonus! Please post to Instagram!

If you post and hashtag (#SPSGradPractice) your SINGLE practice pic to Instagram, we’ll be able to view all pics on one single page: follow the #SPSGradPractice hashtag here.

Instagram just pulls all the tagged pics together so beautifully 🙂

Win Stuff.

At the end of every month, we’re thinking of doing a random drawing for some cool SPS swag.  To be entered, all you gotta do is participate.  Details are coming together on this, so it’s as important as ever to participate and hashtag!

Okay, enjoy the weekend!  And take some time to practice! 🙂

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