The problem with pro photographers that ONLY YOU can fix.


There’s a problem with pro photographers.

By the way, I am one.

It’s not that they’re over priced. Good pics are valuable. We spend more money on far lesser things. Clothes, furniture, decor…they all come and go. Great pics last for generations.

It’s not that there are too many. There’s room in the market for every style and budget.

The problem with pro photographers is that they miss all your real-life moments.

We describe our style as photojournalistic, candid, lifestyle, etc.  But the fact remains: the session lasts an hour.

Cute pics, sure.  But “cute pics” falls short of the real power of photography.

The real power of photography is that it preserves every day moments.  It helps us hold on to a time and a place we ought not forget.

It’s the same with our kids. It’s okay to get them all dressed up for a pro session. But it turns out that our favorite pics are the ones where they’re in their jammies, hair a hot mess. That’s the stuff we want to hold on to.

You, on the other hand, are there.

You’re the solution.  You’re there for your real-life moments.  The moments in the back yard and the kitchen and the living room.  You’re there for all the goofy outfits and the first days of school and the ups and downs.

That’s why I created the Shultz Photo School (SPS); To put the power of photography into the hands of parents.

What if you started capturing pro-quality pics of your every-day moments?

You’d build a priceless treasure.

For yourself…and your kids.


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