Photography Tips For Christmas


Over the past few days, we’ve covered some tips for better pics this Christmas.  If you missed them, you can check out the following:

All that said, one tip remains.  And I think it’s the most important…

Be fully present.

We can get so caught up in documenting life that we forget to actually live it.

My personal theory: we’ll remember more of what we actually live, rather than what we see only through the viewfinder of our camera.

BUT, we need triggers to remember.

And that’s where photography is absolutely and undeniably priceless.  Pictures are the ultimate memory trigger.  Without them, we don’t trigger the memories near enough.  And then we forget.

So my advice: Get the shot, then get into the moment.

That’s one of the GREATEST benefits of actually learning photography.  You don’t spend 10 minutes every shot fumbling around with your camera, trying to figure out how to make it beautiful, crisp, clean, and…well…just a good pic.

What if it took you 14 seconds to get the exact shot you wanted?  What if it was just second nature and you could capture the shot, then put the camera down and enjoy the moment.

10 or 20 minutes later, you capture another couple beautiful shots, but it only takes a few seconds.

That’s the biggest benefit of actually learning the keys of photography.  You not only create priceless pics…keepsakes…but you also don’t spend all of your mental bandwidth thinking about pictures.  You get to be present.

In fact, I’ve found that photography absolutely spurs me to be MORE present.  When I look through the lens:

  • I notice light.
  • I notice expression.
  • I notice story.
  • I notice the beautiful shapes and details of faces.
  • I notice color.

I take it all in through the lens…in an a single instant: Click!

And THEN I take it all in through my own two eyes.  No lens but the two I was born with.


Final words: Be intentional.

Not just about photography. More so about the next couple days.

Take some time to reflect, to meditate, to pray, to read.  Above all, be intentional about how you’ll spend your time with your family.  About the words you’ll use.  About the vibe you’ll send.

Be present. Enjoy what really matters.

Capture great moments.  But don’t forget to live them too.

Merry Christmas.

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10 thoughts on “Photography Tips For Christmas”

  1. I’ve inly subscribed to your emails and followed your blog for a few days but I am loving what I am seeing. Your tips are practical and so throughly explained. I really loved this post about Christmas. We can get so wrapped up in getting a great shot that we lose focus (hopefully not in the camera) in our hearts about what the day is about and those memories can last a lot longer. Thank you for all your work and being willing to share your knowledge with others. Sometimes it is tough to find photographers who are willing to share and I really appreciate all you have done so far and look forward to more.

  2. Thanks for the gentle reminder that the point of the holidays is to celebrate with our families. I just got my camera out to try and capture some memories but I’ll try to be intentional about how long I focus on the pictures! (Pun intended)

  3. Kyle, thanks for all of the wonderful help, tips and coaching. Thanks for reminding me that this is a season that is not only captured on film but in our hearts as well. I will be sure to capture and keep both this Christmas season.
    Thanks again,

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