Capture them perfectly

Introducing the Photo Fix - a photography course handmade for busy parents.

Capture pro-quality pics of your kids (with ease).

Save $1,000's on pro photography by doing it yourself with ANY camera (even smartphones).

Discover a hobby that feeds your soul and benefits the whole family.

Photo Fix Benefits

Online & Self Paced

Since all lessons are self-paced, you can binge watch the course in a weekend or spread it out over months. Refer back for years with the LIFETIME option.

Busy Parent Proof

Most lessons are 10-15 minutes, focusing only on the 20% of photo secrets that make 80% of the difference. This is your shortcut to taking pro quality pics.

Video Based

From shoot demos to LIVE Q&A sessions, the idea is simple: press play. Our shoot demos are purposely nothing fancy. Just real life...kind of like yours.

Seasoned Like A Pro

Don't just learn your camera. Learn the vital keys of composition, natural light, posing, shooting in manual, and editing. Complete course outline below.

Gracious Community

Our Members Only Facebook Group is widely known as the friendliest photography community on the web. Ask questions, get feedback, be inspired.

And Done

We have the highest course completion rates in the industry. Each concept leads to the next for an effortless learning experience. Just follow along.

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"Who me? Snapping pics like a pro?"

“SOUNDS great! But there’s some problems…”

Many parents assume they’ll need to invest in an expensive camera to get take pro-quality snapshots of their kids.

The Truth: ANY camera will do – even your smartphone! And for those with a “fancy camera,” you won’t believe how awesome it can be! Whatever your camera, we’ll explain how to make the most of it in everyday language that a 4th grader can understand. 👊

“Sure, I know my pics might not be the best. But seriously, who has time to learn photography?

The Photo Fix is handmade for YOU! It takes just 10 minutes a day. After 2 weeks your pics will already be 3x better.

You don’t have to be “creative” or “artistic” to learn how to take killer snapshots. Photography has rules…secrets even…that anyone can follow and get pro-quality results.

Ditch the overwhelm of trying to learn photo tips via disconnected YouTube tutorials. SPS makes the path forward crystal clear, leading you step-by-step to creating pro-quality snapshots of your family’s everyday moments.

“Aren’t my pics good enough? I mean, is all the effort of ‘better pics’ worth it?”

Only you can answer this. And DO NOT FEEL GUILTY if your answer is: “I’m fine with my current pics.” If YOU are satisfied with your current pics, then just keep going! What matters most is that you keep documenting all those moments!

ONE HONEST QUESTION that can sometimes help you decide: In 2030, what price would you pay to have 10 year’s worth of everyday pics that were a little bit better? How about 2, 5, 10x better?

IF you’d like to improve the pics (even snapshots) you take of your kids, we think there’s a great chance the Photo Fix is the perfect fit for you!

3-Step Plan

Proven By 10,000+ Parents

Step 1: Start the Course

To start the Photo Fix, just press play on the first lesson. Each short lesson builds on the previous to make learning effortless.

Step 2: Ask Questions

With thousands of encouraging Photo Fixers active in our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook Group, it's like having 24x7 support.

Step 3: Be Inspired

Even after you complete the Photo Fix, you'll get access to the Photo Fix Facebook Group for life. We predict you'll be inspired! 😉

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What People Are Saying

Build A Treasure

Join SPS and...

  • Capture pro-quality snapshots of your kids that are bright and sharp (even before editing).
  • Save money. You won't need to over-schedule pro sessions just to get decent pics.
  • Get asked by all your friends to take pics of their kids (warning), and they'll ASK to pay you.
  • Look back at a treasure of beautifully captured pics.
  • Your kids will thank you someday (for all the amazing pics).

Change nothing and...

  • Keep going. Just don't stop taking pics!

Pricing Options

Many families spend $300 per year on pro photography sessions/prints.

That’s $3,000 over 10 years!

But capturing your family’s ACTUAL everyday moments (which pros miss) with pro-quality snapshots is FAR more valuable! The Photo Fix shows you how for a fraction of the cost!


$ 10
per month paid yearly
  • Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Photo Fix course and every other SPS course (18 and counting).
  • A NEW COURSE every single month. Perfect for parents, enthusiasts, and pro's alike!
  • LIVE Q&A every month. Get your questions answered the old fashioned way (via a real conversation).
  • PROVEN WEEKLY PROGRESS through our community driven photo prompts and challenges.
  • INCREDIBLE SUPPORT: Our member's only community is widely known as the most encouraging photography group on the internet. Get help and be inspired.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Save $48


$ 14
per month
  • Everything from the yearly plan, just month to month.

Here's What You'll Learn

Background Photo by Jessica Cadle (Photo Fix Member)

Get encouraging support.

Photo Fix members are absolutely amazing people and have become widely known as the most encouraging and gracious photography community on the web.  Help is just one post away.

Background Photo by Lindsay Palmer (Photo Fix Member)


Here's some frequent a's to your q's. And if you still have a question, email us (!

Yes indeed.  Most lessons are video based.  Each lesson also includes a written portion with plenty of illustrations.  No matter what your learning style, we’ll connect.

You’ll get access to the Photo Fix (and every other SPS Course) for as long as you’re an SPS Member. Some people learn what they need within a few months and move on. Others fall in love with photography and have been with us for over 5 years! There’s a place for everyone!

You betcha.  Do it all at your own pace! 

The Photo Fix caters to beginners.  But we’ve had several enthusiasts take the course.  Either way, several grads have gone on to open their own photo biz.  So yes, we cover a lot of good stuff.  See below for lesson overviews.


Yes.  If you can turn on your camera, snap some pics in auto, then get those pics onto your computer, you’re golden.  You’ll be a photo guru by the time you’re done.  See above for lesson overviews.

Nope.  Most SPS content transcends specific cameras and focuses on photography fundamentals that our snapshot culture has largely forgotten.  Your pics will transform whether you shoot with a smartphone or a $3,000 camera.  

Nope.  But we’ll show you which software to get should you want to.

Absolutely, of course. Shultz Photo School is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

We have an extremely active members only Facebook Group.  The community has evolved into one of our greatest program assets.  Questions usually have an answer within an hour!


Of course.  If you don’t think the course delivers, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days when you choose either the one time or three payment option.  

Maybe we can remove some risk?

If you join the Photo Fix and aren’t satisfied, no problem at all! We’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days.