Meet the Team – Erica Ogden

Meet Erica Ogden!

Erica is the newest member of the SPS Team and would couldn’t be more thrilled to have her aboard!

1. How did you get involved with SPS?

After falling in love with SPS and all things photography I asked Kyle if I could teach a brief in person class for a local mom’s group I am in and tell about Photo Fix. After Kyle heard I have a teaching background, we threw around the idea to start local mentor groups. And well, the rest is history! I now teach a local class and help others in other states do the same!

2. Tell us a bit about yourself.

You want the dirt about me right? Not the I am a daughter of God, married with two sweet girls and a third on the way? The fun stuff like, my husbands name is Eric, so everyone remembers our names but I never know anyone else’s. I have a memory the size of a pea (which is why I need and love photography). I briefly had a southern accent when I was young because my family moved down south after I was born, and then we moved back to central Illinois when I was 8. My parents and younger sister never had the accent so I was the odd ball till I eventually lost it. I was in a wedding that Kyle shot 10 years ago but only recently made the connection. I love Disney World and would go multiple times a year if I could!

3. What’s your favorite thing to shoot?

For paid sessions I love families, children, and second shooting weddings! For personal, I love capturing my girl’s everyday lives. I am the mom who constantly has her camera with her. From the grocery store to swim lessons, to milestones to backyard memories. I love having those pictures to remember the big and little moments!

4. Who, besides Kyle Shultz, are your photography idols?

I adore Katelyn James. Her style, her creative eye, her personality, her faith. It’s on my bucket list to go to a conference where she is at or go to one of her personal workshops.  You can follow her on Instagram @katelynjames

5. What’s your favorite piece of gear?

This one is tough! Since we are currently able to be outdoors, I have fallen in love with my 85mm. But close second is my 50mm.

6. What gear have you bought that you wish you hadn’t bothered with?

Mostly little things. I bought a camera backpack from Amazon that I didn’t like the minute I got it. I have an expo disc that I have used maybe 4 times!

7. Do you have a favorite shot? Would you share it with us?

My girls on Clearwater Beach at sunset. As we wait for baby girl #3 I can’t help but daydream of a picture like this again when she is toddling around on the beach with them.

8. What’s in your ‘working’ bag? Why?

I love the what’s in your bag game! I have a canon 5D Mark IV, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 70-200mm. For family sessions outside, I have my 50mm and 85mm. For inside family and newborn sessions, my 35mm and 50mm. For second shooting weddings and seniors, I usually have them all. I also have a spider holster and hand strap that is a game changer for family session, it’s great to be hands free to tickle and engage with toddlers and little ones but not swing the camera into them!

9.  If you had one (ish) piece of advice to share with beginners, what would it be?

Take the shot and reflect on it.  And don’t hesitate to ask questions! Coming from a teaching background, I was taught to go back and reflect on every lesson I did. I push this same thought process when teaching photography! What’s even better with photography is there isn’t a right or wrong.  You will fall into your own style as you reflect on your picture. What did you like, what didn’t you like, what can you change, how can you change it and if you don’t know – ask someone! The SPS Facebook community is wonderful.

You can find Erica on Instagram @eogdenave (although a little birdie told me she hasn’t posted in a LONG TIME.  Encourage her to post more!)  She’s often answering questions and providing support in our SPS Members Facebook groups, too!

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