Your Best Photos.
Made Even Better.


Ever feel like your photos are missing something...that "extra oomph?"

Ask any pro...or anyone who's been at this for awhile as an enthusiast.
It's no secret what's missing.


A little bit of the right editing will completely transform your pics.

Consider these real life examples (1 minute video below).

Of course, that's just a few examples of 1,000's we could show.  But let's get on with the main question:

Where do you start when it comes to editing like a pro?

You may have heard of Adobe Lightroom.  It's the most popular editing program the pros use, but that it's also easy enough for the total newbie.  You jump in and have a bit of luck.  But without a clear step-by-step process for making quality edits, you get frustrated when you can't get that look you're after.  Or why sometimes you get good results and other times, not so much.

Here's the truth.

Quality editing isn't only about learning the editing software.  Though that's part of it.

But just as a great cook knows what spices will enhance a food's natural flavor, great editors know how to amplify the "feeling" that's already present in the picture.  It comes down to developing your vision, style, and taste.

This brings us to the Lightroom Fix.  Sure, we're going to master Lightroom itself.

But along the way we're also going to explore how to make the right editing choices.  We're going to uncover a process that will make editing fast, profoundly effective, and loads of FUN!


Join the course and then simply follow the step-by-step lessons. Everything’s in the perfect order for effortless learning.  Go solo and set your own pace or follow along with the group.

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Learning photography is half the battle.  Staying inspired is the other half, and that's what you'll get here!