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Stop Motion

Do you want to learn a super fun way of story-telling using photography?  Then give STOP MOTION videos a try!

Stop Motion videos use still photography that is pieced together in a sequence to make it appear that movement is happening.  How fun is that?!  We can use photography to create what looks like magic!

Check out the video below to get some tips on how to create your own stop motion video.

There are so many good online resources to show you how to create stop motion videos using any program you desire.  I’ve included a few below to get you started.  If these don’t fit your fancy, then do a little google research on your own to see what would work for you.  I used the Life Lapse app to create the video above.

Adobe Premiere Pro







Stop Motion Studio App (Free)

Life Lapse App (free and paid version)



iMotion App

We’d love to see your stop motion films this week!  If a full film seems too daunting, then practice photographing and compiling a simple movement using one of these programs.  Make sure you post to the Facebook group so we can celebrate your success with you!