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One a Day: Editing

If you’re new here at SPS, we choose a photography topic and conquer it together every month in a tight knit, interactive format. We call it our Monthly Theme.

We have weekly tutorials, challenges, discussions, and a Zoom chat to dig in and make progress together. It just takes making photography progress to an entirely different level!

For the Love Your Edit theme, we also had a One a Day challenge throughout the entire month. Each day, the prompt related to editing. Watching videos and tutorials is one thing. But putting knowledge into action is what moves the needle. Hence the One a Day.

Even though this One a Day concluded, we wanted to include it here in case you’re up for going through the challenge on your own. IF you do, we promise you’ll get a lot better! Feel free to share your prompt results in the SPS community!

Oh and one more thing, if you miss a day (or a week), just keep going. No one says you have to complete every single prompt.

One a Day Prompt Notes:

Here’s some additional thoughts that might help re: the One a Day prompts!

First, Days 1-3 are all on you! It’s always fun to start with a before/after, then embrace both subtle edits AND dramatic edits.

Days 4-10 – Lightroom Basic Panel and Quick Tips

Days 4-10 were our first full week of the theme. It was all about getting comfortable with the basic panel sliders and all they have to offer! Also check out Kyle’s Basic Panel Overview from the Lightroom Fix.

This is where you start your journey to a vintage, black and white, moody edit, or bright and airy edit. 

Another section in the basic panel is the histogram.  Knowing about the histogram won’t make or break your editing skills, but is an item to be aware of. Check out this Histogram Overview if you want to wrap your mind around it once and for all!

That said, here’s some week 1 prompt notes:

4. Contrasty
Play with contrast in your image and see what dramatic punch you can give the image!

5. Histogram only
Sarah shows how you can use the histogram (and not just the graph of it, but physically moving part of the histogram) to edit your image.

6. Good Save
Dig into those “oops” or “toss” folders and use your editing software to save an image that didn’t turn out like you hoped when it was shot.

7. Vibrant
Have you played with the vibrance slider much?  How does it differ from saturation.  Check out the differences and how they can be used to help your image’s coloring and add a bit of a pop.

8. Warm Edit
Play with the white balance and add some warmth to an image.

9. Cool Tones
Play with the colors and white balance to give the image a cooler tone to it, but be careful not to push skin tones too cold and blue!

10. Monochrome
Turn your image black and white and use these tips to really give your black and white image more to love.

Days 11-17: Tone Curve, HSL, Split Toning and Quick Tips

Week 2 is all about challenging yourself with the tone curve, HSL and Split Toning panels. A big part of these adjustments is bringing in color tones, moods, and depth to your edits. This is where your edits can go from a basic edit to a specific style.  There are some great lessons in Lightroom Fix that can get you started on the details of these panels.  

This week’s prompts will challenge you to play with these panels and give your image even more beauty!

11. Light and Airy
Edit today’s image with the end goal of a more light and airy style photograph!

12. Color changer
Cindy Hill gave a color changing how to during our Color theme on how to change colors within Lightroom (and Photoshop too if you want!)

13. Split the tone
Play around with split toning today!

14. Tweak the greens
Refer back to the Light and Airy quick tip above for some tips on tweaking greens along with this video as well.

15. Matte
Have today’s edit take on a matte style to it!

16. Tone Curve
Challenge yourself with just using the tone curve for editing!

17. Mood through color
Color can add emotion to an image, play around with split toning or the HSL Panel to bring a mood to your photograph.

Days 18-24: Adjustment Tools and Quick Tips

This week focuses on fine-tuning your edits with the use of brushes, graduated filters and radial filters.  This is where tuning into the details makes all the difference.  So get out your critical eye and start making small corrections that will make a huge impact!

Check out the lessons in Lightroom Fix that apply to this week’s challenges!

18. Radial/Graduated Filter
Use either a radial filter or a graduated filter to make adjustments in one part of your photo.

19. Adjustment Brush
Discover a few ways to maximize your usage of brushes.

20. Sun-flare Add-On
Enhance the sunlight in your photo by using a radial filter that looks like the sun!

21. Portraiture Skin
Use the graduated filter tool to create smooth skin in a portrait and even use it like a pseudo layering tool in Lr!

22. Texture
Change the overall texture of your photo using this slider, or use a brush that changes the texture in a small part of your photo.

23. Low Key
Refer back to our Low Key Introduction for some tips!

24. High Key
Bring on the bright highlights and whites in your high key photo!

Days 25-30: Photoshop and more!

Don’t worry, we still have some more Lightroom learning, but we also wanted to wrap up our Love your Edit month with some Photoshop fun!

Photoshop is another powerful editing tool. It can be overwhelming however, so we have asked some wonderful Photoshop gurus to give us some quick tutorials on how to give Photoshop a go! We have listed them after this week’s prompt list.

25.  Moody
Gather all the tips you have learned in Lightroom and use them to create a moody edit for today!

26.  HDR / Shadow Save
Kyle shows us how intentionally expose for the highlights and raise the shadows in editing. This greatly increases the dynamic range…hence “HDR” (high dynamic range).

27.  Looks like film
Did you know Kyle Shultz has presets inspired by film types? Check them out here and give your edit a film look!

28.  Spot Removal
Have you used this awesome tool yet? Clean up an image or take out a distracting image. Catch a how to here in both Photoshop and Lightroom.

29.  60-second-edit
Set the timer and give yourself 60 seconds to edit an image!

30.  Before/After
Show us your grand finale of a before and after edit! Have you found an editing style or an editing groove? Take a peek at your day 1 before and edit. Anything different? Tell us all about it!

Posting to Facebook

As we’ve said many times…even though this theme is complete, we’d still love to see your images over in the community! Share away!

Please make sure to post both the SOOC and the edited version so we can see the difference in your images.  Make notes in the comments of what you did to enhance that image during editing.  A screen shot of your most important editing tweaks in your editing software would be a great help, too! Check out our how to below.

Okay, final thing: here’s a couple quick tips for posting your images to our community:

**Note, it isn’t mentioned in the video above, but please hashtag your images #loveyouredit so we can find your images through that search! Thanks! **