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Interview: Nikki Hedden (Backlight)

Did you catch our interview with Grads alum Nikki Hedden? She’s a master of back light. If you missed it, catch the replay below!

Here are a few helpful timestamps:

  • 0:00 – find out a little more about Nikki
  • 2:37 – Nikki’s gear picks
  • 3:30 – Why Nikki loves back light (the answer might surprise you)
  • 4:10 – Tips for shooting in back light
  • 7:40 – Bring on the photos! Nikki shares some of her amazing work and more tips for shooting with back light.
  • 12:05 – Editing tips for back light A quick walk-through of Nikki’s editing process with back lit pictures.
  • 16:20 – Quick take aways for learning to shoot with back light.
  • 17:00 – Q&A
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