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Fill the Frame

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Let’s start off with 3 super simple tips that will help you take better pics from this day forward.

Although these first 3 tips will apply to “things” as well (landscapes, still life, street photography, etc), I’ll illustrate with a pic of my own kiddo, Payson.

After teaching over 125,000 busy parents how to take better pics of their kids, I often start by asking them to take a pic of their kid(s). No instruction yet. Just take a pic. Something like this comes back:

There’s a few things we can improve right away with ZERO fancy camera knowledge or creative genius.  Namely:

  1. We can remove distractions
  2. We can choose a better perspective
  3. We can create a better balance.

Let’s unpack these.

1. Remove Distractions 

Payson (my kiddo) is supposed to be the main subject in this pic. But notice all the space around him?

“Does all this extra space help or hinder?” 

When trying to create pics that draw the viewer’s eye to the subject, this is a good question to get into the habit of asking. 9 times out of 10, the average parent usually leaves way too much “extra space” in the picture.

One easy mantra to get going through your mind that will help a ton: fill the frame!

In other words, fill your picture with your main subject.

Sure, there’s a time when extra space can be a good choice. There’s a time when “context” is helpful to tell the story.

But when you fill the frame with your main subject, good things happen. The image becomes…

  • Uncluttered
  • Simpler
  • Easier to process
  • More dramatic
  • More impactful

When I fill the frame with this exact same scene, look what happens:

I mean, not great, but at least we’re getting to the subject. And this sets us up for tip #2.

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