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Choose a Better Perspective

By “perspective,” we simply mean the vantage point of the camera. It’s just the camera angle.  

Venture beyond taking pics just standing up, especially when taking pics of your kids.

  • Squat down.
  • Lay on the ground.
  • Stand on a chair.
  • Mix it up.

But the most effective rule of thumb: Choose an eye-level perspective!

In other words, place your camera at the level of your kid’s eyes.  

This will produce a more intimate perspective, especially with close ups.

But it will also dramatically improve the background. You’ll go from the “ground” (literally) as your background to all kinds of far more interesting backgrounds.

And whether it’s a wall, a horizon, or anything in between, there’s usually more space behind the subject, which can also allow you to get that dreamy out-of-focus background like the pros.  Like this: 

The above pic is the exact same spot, 15 seconds later. But filling the frame and getting my camera down on Payson’s eye level have definitely paid off.

One other quick tip:

  • When you’re taking a full length pic, get the camera at their belly level
  • When you’re taking a waist-up pic, get the camera at their chest level

Like this:

Okay, so far we’ve filled the frame and we’ve chosen a better perspective. In the next tip we’re going to take it one step further and learn how to create more balance.

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