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SPS Members get weekly tutorials, shooting challenges, and daily chats to help you master a new photography skill every month.

Are you learning photography the old way?

Then you need to try the SPS Members way!

Old Way: You buy an "all access" subscription to 100's of courses. But after a year you still haven't completed a single course.

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SPS Way: Action Oriented!

You'll master a new photography skill every month with our Monthly Theme. You'll LEARN via weekly tutorials, but you'll DO via weekly shooting challenges. And you'll be hugely INSPIRED by our community!

Old Way: Stuck, uninspired and basically a bit bored.

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SPS Way: Fun and Inspired!

Focus on just ONE photography theme each month. Follow along step-by-step with hundreds of others. Simple. Effective. And our members actually CAN'T WAIT for each month's new theme!

Old Way: No clear plan and no progress. You just get access to a lot of information.

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SPS Way: Simple Plan = Progress!

Here's the plan: (1) Do the monthly theme, which includes weekly tutorials and shooting challenges to help you master the month's photography skill. (2) Get amazing support and inspiration every day. (3) Repeat next month.

Old Way: "Community" support that's rather quiet at best and rather rude at worst.

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SPS Way = Family!

Ask anyone. Our community is famous for encouragement and kindness. We've become more than friends inside. We're family. The GOOD kind of family! 😆

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To the SPS Monthly theme, 30+ courses, and our legendary community for just $29/month.

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3. Take Great Pics

Ongoing learning + consistent monthly progress + incredible support = a great photographer.

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We asked our members what SPS has meant to them in 2020.

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"Life changing..."

What SPS members are saying

"Life changing..."

What SPS members are saying

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