Inspiring Everyday Gratitude

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Stacey Fowler

Our Canadian friends celebrated Thanksgiving last month but, here in the US, we’ll be eating turkey and watching endless football at the end of this month. Lots of people choose to make the month of November all about gratitude and being thankful for the small things in life and we definitely support that!

Recently, we asked our Grads members to work on an hour by hour project documenting one day in their life. Some shot hundreds of images throughout one day and narrowed it down to enough to make a square grid. Others shot just one image an hour each hour of the day using a timer. One thing we heard again and again was that doing this project helped them to appreciate and be grateful for all the little moments that make up their days. Sometimes days are long but often weeks and months and years are short. The hum of our everyday lives is constantly changing. It’s time to take a moment and appreciate the moments that weave together to make our days what they are.

We’d like to challenge each of you to document a day this month. If documenting a whole day seems like too much – then we challenge you to document one shot a day for a week. Or adapt this project in any way that seems doable to you. Extra credit if you get into some of the shots, too!

We thought we’d share a few members’ Hour by Hour projects to help inspire you to create one of your own.

1. Not all of the images have to include people.  Spilled milk, things around your home that make you smile, and even tiny toes are important parts of the day, too.  

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Alexandra Laroche

2. Stop to capture the activities that make for a special birthday. What a fun way to remember it!

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Jen Heavener

3. Mixing black and white and color images can help to bring focus to individual everyday moments and define each one as separate.  

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Jaime Evenhuis-Kramer

4. Document all of the activities you see your kiddos doing most often in a day. What a fun way to document the rapidly changing ages and stages of little ones!

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Rachel Zinanti

We hope you find inspiration here to document your everyday life and to find gratitude for the little things that make up those days. We are grateful for everyone who chooses to engage with Shultz Photo School and grateful for the opportunity to help parents create a legacy for their children through photographs.

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