How to use window light for amazing pics of your kid.

Ever wonder how a pro photographer can take pics of your kid using only window light, and the results are just incredible?

  • The light is soft and beautiful
  • Your kid is tac sharp and the background magically blurred
  • And your kid’s eyes are full of color, sparkle, and “life”

“How’d they do that?!”

Well, we’re going to show you exactly how.  For free.  In this web-class.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. Why pros don’t care about “the background” 90% of the time, but care immensely about “the light” 100% of the time.
  2. Why light “direction” matters and where to place your kid in relation to the window.
  3. The $2 item that’ll officially take your pics up a big ole’ notch.
  4. How to maximize background blur (with any camera).
  5. 3 simple ways to make the final pic 3x better.
  6. And answers to YOUR questions (live attendees only).

We’ll host this class (and conversation) on our Crowdcast channel.  Nothing to download!  You’ll be able to see these tips in action via a shoot demonstration.

Those who attend live (Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 12:00pm PST) will also get their questions answered.

Okay, please hope to see you there!

Join the web class FREE!

Tiny Photo Course For Parents

Can 7 tiny photo tips really change the way you take pics forever as a parent? Absolutely! NO cost. NO spam. NO gimmicks. Just better pics!

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