How to make a fence disappear instantly (without Photoshop)

Ever been at your kids ball game (baseball, softball, football in particular), ready to take capture perhaps a few great pics of Jr. playing ball, and then discovered that there’s a fence between you and the action?

Since I coach little league, I’ve seen countless parents standing on tip-toes and chairs trying to position themselves high enough to shoot over the fence.

Others try to sneak in the dugout and shoot out the one opening!  (As a coach, don’t get me started…haha!)

But there’s a much easier way.

Just shoot through the fence.

Yep, just shoot right through it.  Even with your real camera that has a lens bigger than the chain link openings.

But there’s a key to making this work.  If you just try to shoot through it from a normal distance, all you’re going to get is an in focus fence.  Take the pic above as an example, where I was about 10 feet from the fence.  Anything over a few feet, and your camera will just focus on the fence.

However, when you get right next to the fence, your lens will just focus past the fence, making it completely disappear.  The closer you are to the fence, the better the disappearing act.

Since I don’t want to scratch the front glass element of my lens, what I like to do is simply rest my lens hood against the fence.  Like this:

With my lens hood resting against the fence above, I snapped a simple pic.  Here:

Obviously, no award winning pic.  I’m just trying to show how the fence completely disappears!

At any rate, the tip itself is dead simple, but a game changer.  Shoot through the fence!  Just get really close to it first, and you’ll make that fence disappear.  Like this:

More tips?

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