Grads Update

Image courtesy of Melissa Tokariwski

This year is already drawing to a close!  It feels like it went by in the blink of an eye – does it feel that way for you, too?

This week’s Practice Shot is about finding presence in this busy time.

Our Image of the Week this week goes to Melissa Tokariwski for her stunning frozen bubble shot.

Practice Shot of Last Week goes to Dhagash Shah this week for a wonderful image of his son playing near a window.


  • Learning new skills is vital to ensure growth. Dhagash Shah learned how to create a custom brush in Photoshop. Check out the awesome snowflakes!
  • Nikki Barringer has the PERFECT Santa! Such a fun shot!
  • Rebecca Gunn’s first senior shoot was most definitely a success!
  • Christmas Wonder was definitely an appropriate title for this image from Annie Villasana.
  • Out of bed Christmas Tree pics!  Claire Sheppard is making memories with her daughter.
  • Carolyn Walter braved the cold to get some pretty awesome family shots.
  • Frost gave Chelsea Barker the perfect subject for some really beautiful images.
  • It’s frosty and snowy lots of places this week and Melissa Tokariwski also got some killer frost shots this week.


  • Sigma 85Art – Lindsay Palmer needs the good, the bad and the ugly.  Help a girl out!
  • Lighting modifiers – stow ’em or show ’em when you’re not using them?  Josh Ryder wants to know.
  • Getting pics of our teen/tween kids can become a bit of a challenge. Do you have any tips for Dawn Shaver?
  • Wendy Taylor is looking for a speedlight.   Want to lend a hand and tell her which one you love (or don’t)?
  • When shooting a really pretty sunset or sunrise, what part of the scene do you focus on? Julie Strauss is looking for some input!
  • Do you have a favorite memory card? Wendy Dostart is looking for one for her 6d.  (SD card)

We hope you’re finding quiet time in this busy time of year and taking time to be present.  See you next week!

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