Grads Update

Image courtesy of Katherine Calabro


A huge, hearty welcome to all of our newest Grads members!  We hope you’ll feel right at home here, jump right in, and start participating.  Our community is one of the things that makes Grads so amazing and we are so glad that you’re here!

Our new Grads Mentors have put together a little tour of some of the Facebook features they’ll be utilizing this year.  It’s a ‘can’t miss’ to avoid missing anything!

Three things are back in this week’s Practice Shot!

Katherine Calabro’s portrait is nothing short of amazing!  It captured Image of the Week.  Practice Shot of last week goes to Rachel Toothman for her magical, bokeh beautiful piano shot.

You’ll notice that we have a brand new ‘highlight’ section in our Roundup.  It will focus on images gathered from our Theme Challenge!

January Theme:  Low Light



So many of you have already dug into the new theme and that makes us all that much more excited for the year ahead!   See you next week.

-Sarah and the SPS Team

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