Whether it’s capturing priceless pics of your family, blessing a client with images they’ll cherish forever, or volunteer shooting for a great cause…

The world needs your photography.

The Shultz Photo School (SPS) GRADS Program helps ordinary people grow into extraordinary photographers with a purpose. Come and see.

Photo by Sarah Bednar (GRADS Mentor)

Do you really need another place to learn photography?

Ever subscribed to a site with 1,000 photography courses and still haven’t made it through a single course a year later?

Ever paid to join what is essentially a photography forum and feel completely lost in all of the scattered conversations…only to learn you have to pay more for the “breakouts” (courses)?

Every joined a photography community that gave you zero encouragement?

We all have. That's why SPS GRADS exists.

Say goodbye to hundreds of courses you’ll never use, disconnected tutorials, and “communities” that have no real relationships or conversations.

Say hello to SPS GRADS!  We master a new photography concept together every month.  We actually practice creating specific images together every single week.  And we have what is widely known as the most gracious photography community on the internet.

The end result? 

Ordinary people becoming extraordinary photographers.

To join us, click the button below to request an invitation.

The (Monthly) GRADS Process

Week 1: Monthly Theme

Every month we'll tackle a brand new photography theme together. Low Light, Creative Composition, Life Unscripted (Documentary and Lifestyle)...these are just a few of our past themes. Week 1 introduces the theme with a tutorial and a survey to discover your top questions.

Week 2: Live Broadcast

Week 2 includes another tutorial and leads up to a LIVE broadcast led by our Grads Mentors. Each broadcast digs into 3 key subject matters (personal shooting, editing, and business) as they relate to our monthly theme. We leave plenty of time in the broadcast for audience Q&A!

Week 3: Implement

Honestly, we implement every single week with shooting challenges. But week 3 is all about responding to the Live Broadcast tips by getting some stuff DONE with your photography journey! Of course, we'll have another theme tutorial and answer all your questions in the Grads Community!

Week 4: Live Interview

Sometimes you just gotta ask the experts! Week 4 brings a LIVE interview of an amazing photographer, be it inside our Grads community or an outside superstar. We'll also help you make your final progress on the month's theme.

Photo by Courtney Knowlan (GRADS Member)

All buttoned up.

After the month is over, we’ll organize all of the month’s content (including the replays of the LIVE broadcast and interview) into one tidy place.  And since it’s all content around one theme, it’ll be like a mini course – ready to dive back into on demand any time you need a refresher!

Here’s a 58 second demo of how that looks in action:


Better With Time...

New GRADS members will not only get access to our current month’s theme and events, but all past content.  As our content library grows every month (without becoming overwhelming), your GRADS membership gets more valuable with time.


GRADS Classes are designed to help you master a photography concept in one sitting between 20-40 minutes. Here's just a few:

  • How to master back button focus (most pros don’t even set this up correctly!).
  • Best practices for shooting in full sun.
  • How to find great locations.
  • Shooting at the edge of shade to get phenomenal light.
  • Understanding the histogram once & for all.
  • 5 ways to light the face with one light.
  • Newborn shoots, beach shoots, light painting shoots…

And that’s just getting started…


Get immediate access to all past, present, and future GRADS courses for as long as you're a member. Here's just a few:

  • Love Your Light: learn how to use just one speedlight to create amazingly soft, natural looking light.
  • Creative Composition: Create powerful images beyond the rule of thirds.
  • Life Unscripted: Learn how to tell powerful stories through a single image.
  • Low Light: Learn how to control highlights and emphasize shadows to create magical and dramatic images.

Plus a fresh course every month!


How do you stay inspired to keep shooting, growing, and learning? You hang around people who will inspire you!

  • GRADS Community Roundup: Every Friday you’ll get an email with the latest inspiration from the GRADS Community.  We’ll point you straight to inspiring images from the prior week as well as popular insights that were shared.
  • Practice Shots: Every week we post a photo challenge.  Take the challenge on and you’re sure to not only improve as a photographer, but capture your favorite pics of all time!

And all in our community famous for kindness!

Photo by Annie Villasana (GRADS Member)

Photo by Lindsey Palmer (GRADS Member)

Meet the GRADS Mentors

Our GRADS Mentors started their photography journeys from scratch with the Photo Fix and were all CHARTER GRADS members!  We’ve all come to admire them as great shooters, gifted teachers, and servant leaders!  Our approach to leading is simple: (1) listen to our community’s questions, (2) learn the best answers, (3) then teach.

Erica Ogden


Erica is a full-time mom to 3 beautiful girls, former teacher, and shoots part time!  Erica will often lead our “personal shooting” content.

Sarah Bednar


Sarah is a full-time mom of 4 amazing boys, former teacher, and creates images we all drool over.  Sarah will often lead our “editing” content.

Annette Heck


Annette is a full time professor and social worker, mom to 2 amazing boys, and manages to shoot part time too!  We’ll follow Annette this year as she builds her studio!

Kyle Shultz


Kyle is a father of 3 amazing kids and is the founder of SPS.  Kyle hosts the live broadcasts and helps convert the entire world to Sony Mirrorless. 🤣

Great decision.

We'll send you an invite (very soon) by email. No spam. No tricks. Just progress towards your calling.