GRADS Practice 02: Garage Portrait



Okay.  You’re going to think we’re crazy.  Again. 🙂

Take a portrait (of someone) in your garage.  Be thoughtful – use light and surroundings to your advantage.

Eventually we’ll probably have a mix of Master Classes and Behind The Scenes for creating portraits in and around the garage.  You’ll be SO surprised at what can happen! 😉

#Hashtag ONE Garage Portrait Masterpiece!

You don’t have to share your masterpiece with us.  But we’d love it if you did!

Here’s the rules:

  1. Post just ONE single pic.
  2. Hashtag it with #SPSGradPractice in our Facebook Group

Bonus!  Post to Instagram!

If you post and hashtag (#SPSGradPractice) your SINGLE practice pic to Instagram, we’ll be able to view all pics on one single tagboard: follow the #SPSGradPractice hashtag here.

We found out last week that the tagboard linked above does NOT pull hashtags from Private FB groups.  But I’d still love a place to see all our Practice work in one place.

So Instagram is to place I’m recommending for those interested.


Win Stuff.

At the end of every month, we’re thinking of doing a random drawing for a free SPS coffee mug.  To be entered, all you gotta do is participate.  We don’t have the details figured out yet, so this giveaway feature might not kick in til May.  Hang tight!

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