Kerbi's First Day of Pre-K {Behind the Scenes Video}

Well, Kerbi had her first day of preschool today.  Easier than sending our first kiddo off, that’s for sure.  But of course, still can’t believe it.  That, and she was a rockstar.  Marched in, game face all the way, sat down, started painting, and pretty much told us to leave.

Anyway, we had about 3 minutes to take a quick pic of her.  That became 90 seconds when Payson spilled water all over Kerbi’s preferred (first) outfit.  Slapped a new dress on, and got the following images (plus another 30 or so) in under a minute.

k first day 2


K first day 1


Now, there’s nothing special about these pics (other than Kerbi of course).  Still, I have loads of parents ask me how to get simple, clean, “better than my fancy camera” results such as these.  That said, there’s just a few basic things that contribute to these images.  I’ll list those below.

But first, a quick 1 minute video just to prove how good results don’t require anything more than an application of a few basic (but overlooked in so many books, tutorials, etc) concepts.
[leadplayer_vid id=”5228EC90E320B”]

Okay, now for those few basic concepts.  I’ll mention 5 points.  Each point links to further explanation…make sure and check them out!

  1. Open Shade.  This is the building block of the image.  Open shade = big light source = soft wrap around light.
  2. Reflected Light.  All with no equipment!
  3. Wide Open Aperture.  This give a shallow depth of field.  It allows Kerbi to “pop off the page” and look much more “professional” than point n shoot cameras in the same light.  FYI, I’m at f2.8.  Even if you don’t have a big white fancy lens, my #1 lens recommendation will give you and aperture as wide as f1.4…HUGE for exceptional background blur!!
  4. I ran my Curves Preset on these images.
  5. Last but not least, I chose an eye level perspective and filled my frame.  Don’t worry moms, I got the entire outfit in first.  But then I went for the eyes!!

That’s it!  I’ll be continuing to do similar behind the scenes shoots as much as possible (I don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep, so I’ll leave it at that).  I think it’ll really help continue to drive these concepts home, spark questions, and keep the conversations going. Thanks to each of you for being here!


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