An easy way to do something meaningful with the pics you're already taking.

There’s a problem that plagues us as parents.  Well.  There are probably a few.

But the one I’m thinking of: actually doing something meaningful with all the pictures we’re creating.  If our pictures just sit inside of a hard drive or a phone, they aren’t serving their purpose.  They aren’t helping us remember and celebrate life.  They aren’t telling story and shaping legacy.

There are plenty of solutions.  In fact, I’ll be writing about a new comprehensive solution in the upcoming weeks.  But the best solutions will always have one thing in common: simplicity.

If it ain’t simple, we won’t do it.  Period.

52 Pages

Enter Fifty Two Pages, an idea born from a long time friend and former Shultz Photography graphic guru: Kendahl Throckmorton.

It’s a simple idea.  And thus one that will (actually) work.

  1. Keep taking pictures (you’re already doing this part)
  2. Create a collage every week (it’s completely easy, done all on your phone)
  3. At the end of the year, create a book out of the 52 collages (again, easily)

fifty two pages sample

Easier than ever

Now, if it still sounds too difficult (the whole part about creating collages and books), well, that’s where you’d be wrong 🙂  Just head on over to the Fifty Two Pages FAQs page to read all about it.  Fact is, the entire process is executed on your phone.  The hardest part will undoubtedly be deciding which pics to include every week.

I promise you’ll be glad you did.  My wife is keeping our fifty two pages alive, and it already makes me feel so much better.


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