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Most of us are on the cusp of spending an unprecedented amount of time at home or very close to it. Most of us will be spending the next weeks immersed in family. Our own Annette Heck put together a list of ideas for capturing this potentially once in a lifetime period of time . She’s sharing it on her business page and we thought it was definitely something that could help our greater SPS Family.

It’s the perfect time not only to hone your skills by practicing (a lot), but also to take the time to capture your family and check “I need to take more pictures” off of your list. We’ll split her ten tips into a few emails over the next week or so. We want to avoid overwhelm and also, let’s face it, we’ve got time. Without further ado… we’ll hand it over to Annette.

Being a photographer, my brain defaults to ways to capture what is happening – this historic time when we chose to stay home in hopes of helping those older and immune-compromised as well as ourselves. Don’t worry about making these images perfect – these are about you capturing your own life. Use whatever camera you have. Seriously. Just use it. The goal is to enjoy photographing those whom you love so much that you’d even choose to be homebound with them (or perhaps choose to look back and see the humor in the sometimes sticky situations you’ve captured).

Hour by hour photo project

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It is exactly as it sounds. Take a photo each hour of your waking day (and you can be flexible if the thought stresses you out). This is a great way to document the everyday moments that we would otherwise miss (think: breakfast time, kids brushing their teeth,  play time, etc.).

Some tips:

  • Leave your camera somewhere accessible so it is easy to grab in the moment.
  • Setting an alarm on your phone helps you remember to capture what is going on during that hour.
  • Don’t stress it. This is more about documenting your day vs. capturing a gorgeous masterpiece. The reality is that at the end of it all, the true masterpieces are the ones that reflect the humans we love most and our days with them. So, just document your day.  
  • When you’re finished shooting, make a grid of your day.  It can be fun to have a visual of what you did that day.

Capture each family member doing their favorite activity.

Does your kiddo love reading curled up in their cozy chair? Do you have a budding artist? Or maybe your hubby is working on a project in the garage. Or your dog is napping in his favorite spot in the sun. Maybe it’s your wife dancing to her favorite song. Whatever it is that your loved ones love to do… capture it. Take photos. Take videos.  This is the good stuff and people usually complain less about getting their photos taken if they are doing something they love.

Photograph your kiddo(s) with a beloved toy

We all agree that our kids grow too fast, right? And that stuffie that has been an integral part of your child’s life since they were a baby may all of a sudden, without warning, lose its “special” status. Heartbreaking, indeed. Sometimes we lose stuffies on trips or they flat-out fall apart (triply heartbreaking). Photographing your child with their favorite toy will help to you all to remember this moment in time.

If your child is “too old” for toys, do they have a fave item that they enjoy using (an instrument, tool, craft, book, etc.)? Photograph them with their fave because even those joys can be fleeting.

Bonus points if you encourage them to join the fun and help direct their own little photo shoot of their beloved toys/stuffie.

If you whiz through these tips and need more to occupy your time, we would encourage you to skim through the free Tips section on our website or consider joining our Members program where there’s new content weekly and plenty of past content to keep you busy for a very long while indeed.  We’ll be back with more ways to document homelife on Friday.   Until then, stay safe!

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