Documenting homelife (2nd chapter)

As we continue to hunker down, we’ll be spending more and more time with our families. Today we’ll continue Annette Heck’s series of ideas dedicated to capturing our loved ones doing the things they love the most. While this time in history is undoubtedly stressful for so many reasons, most of us also have the unique opportunity to be creating memories with our families in a way we haven’t before. With no pressure to go anywhere, and a lot of time on our hands, the time to make (and capture) memories has never been more ripe than it is now.

Snap pics of your loved one in their fave spaces.

Just like a fave activity or beloved toy, your kids’ rooms change, too. Before you know it, you may forget when their room had safari themed stickers on their wall, how small they seem in the space, or when their furniture looked as it does now. So, while you are all going stir crazy, might as well take pics of their space just as it is. Right now. But don’t leave it just to the kids, photograph mom or dad in their fave spaces, too. One day, your kids will be flipping through pics of you and it will mean a lot for them to have photographs that match their memory of how dad LOVED reclining on his fave chair or how mom could often be found in the office creating something, etc.

Get in the frame.

You may balk at this one but before you run away, hear me out. Our family NEEDS pics of us, too. Chances are if you are reading these posts that you may be the family photographer and memory keeper. Which means that it is highly likely that the percentage of photos that INCLUDE you are substantially less than for your family members.

And I know being in the photo can be tough. Sometimes we aren’t thrilled with how we look, or maybe our hair isn’t done, or we wish we had lost those five pounds. Spoiler alert: Your loved ones don’t care about any of that. What they do care about is having pics of you, too… just as you are. So, get in the frame. Set up the camera, use its timer function (most cell phone cameras have this, too) and then get in the frame. If your kids are younger, dress up in funny hats or accessories to make it a silly, memorable moment. If your kids are older, see if they have any ideas to make the pic memorable and then… go with it.

You can also capture you doing something with your family – playing a board game, reading books, cooking something, tickle fights, etc.

Add some magic to your indoors.

You’re cooped up and your family may be over the pics and videos. Think of ways to add magic back to your indoors (or outside if the weather is nice). For younger kids, bubble machines are pure magic and letting them use it INSIDE the house makes it exponentially more special for them. And really, what is the worst that can happen (be forewarned that tile/wood floors do get slick). Otherwise, your carpet or floors will get a little soapy. Totally worth it to make a memory for the family and then you get to take pics of the fun. Indoor bubbles always make for some pretty magical photos because without wind to blow them around they just float fairly straight down, creating quite a dense bubble experience.

Other fun indoor things to try can be letting them jump on their bed, use paper confetti, balloons, bath paints, bubble baths (bonus to add a bubble machine to it), full body finger paint experience (use large sheets of butcher paper and let the kids paint the paper – this may be better to do on a driveway, 😉 ). What other ways can you add some magic to your indoors/outdoors?

Please feel free to hop back to our previous post if you missed it. If you’re eager for more photography info, we encourage you to check out the free Tips section on our website or consider joining our Members program where there’s new content weekly and plenty of past content to keep you busy for a very long while indeed.  We’ll be back with the final chapter on documenting homelife on Tuesday.   Until then, stay safe!

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