The Perfect Edit

It’s one thing to learn the tools of editing, be it how to use Adobe Lightroom or even Photoshop.

It’s an entirely different thing to learn how to think like a great editor!

Many think that you have to be some sort of creative genius to edit like a pro.

But the actual truth is good news.

After helping 1,000’s learn editing, we discovered a simple 5 step process great image editors use to take their pics from good…to PRO! Here it is:

  1. Crop: There’s so much more to cropping than straightening and getting closer.
  2. Apply a Preset: Learn the 2 reasons why you should always start with a preset or filter after cropping.
  3. Dial It In: Learn how to override presets and the 2 biggest factors to pay attention to.  This is critical to making presets work well.
  4. Draw the Eye: Here’s where the magic happens.  Learn to follow the light in order to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject.
  5. Local Fixes: Nitty gritty time.  Learn the 3 local adjustments worth your time every time.

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