Love Your Edit

Go beyond filters and presets. Up your editing game to transform your pics from good to great, guaranteed!

Everyone is a photographer these days right?!

And cameras…do we even need “real” cameras these days?

Listen, at SPS we know that giving credit to the camera for great pics is like giving credit to the oven for the great cake.

But in the nightmare that is 2020, the universe brought us some absolutely PHENOMENAL cameras! And with these cameras, many photographers are shaking their heads wondering how long ’til their skills are taken over by the machines (cameras) themselves! I mean using these cameras feel like cheating to those of us who remember shooting client sessions just 5 years ago!

But there’s this little secret.

It’s also the big truth…

Quality photo editing still makes a WAY more of a difference to your final photo than your camera!

Image by Kyle Shultz

Lighting makes more of a difference too…but let’s stay on topic.

Another secret: Slapping a filter (or even a “one click” Lightroom Preset) on your image ain’t editing!

If you want your pics to stand heads and shoulders above the crowd then it’s time to up your editing game!

Photography isn’t just snapping a picture, it’s an art.  Allow yourself to make it that!  This is your time to experiment and have fun with the process.  No one was created exactly like you and has your eye and abilities.  You can capture your images and tweak them to whatever you want them to be through editing!

It’s time to LOVE YOUR EDIT!

SPS Members spent the entire month of September 2020 learning how to absolutely LOVE editing. From the very basics of color correction all the way to more advanced edits like head swapping and about 50 topics in between, it was a BLAST!

Good news, we saved it all for you!

Click below to see the course agenda (including this more in depth agenda) to see what’s in it for you. You can binge watch the entire course in an intense weekend…OR you can spread it out of 30 days (or 100)!

Either way, if you dive into this course, we promise you’ll have a blast AND your pics will rise well above the noise!💯 🙌

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