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What's the difference...

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After teaching 130,000 people about photography, the answer might surprise you, but it’s undeniable.

Learn the answer in the video below and why the Lightroom Fix will make all your pics (way) better.

The Lightroom Fix has 3 steps. 1,000’s of happy members prove they work.

Step 1: Take the Course

Online & Self Paced

Show up in your pj's. And since all lessons are self-paced and access is unlimited, you also get to show up whenever you want.

Video Based

Every lesson is video based via a screen-share. Watch and learn, or better yet, edit alongside us with the same image (course images are downloadable).

Step by Step

It's important to cover the big picture of editing and workflow. But we'll also walk you step-by-step through each slider of Lightroom. Just press play.

Newbies Welcome

We start at the very beginning. No need to be intimated by software OR the editing "process." Already experienced? You'll still find plenty here!

Gracious Community

The Members Only Facebook Group is widely known as the most kind, gracious, and helpful photography community on the web.

Seasoned Like A Pro

Other courses explain only the editing software. We also teach how to make the right editing choices. Develop your own vision and style!

Step 2: Get amazing support.

The Lightroom Fix isn’t just a course.  It’s a family widely known as the most encouraging and gracious photography community on the web.  With over 6,000 highly engaged members in our (members only) Facebook Group, prompt help and inspiration are just one post away.

Step 3: Build A Treasure.

Get the Lightroom Fix and...

Change nothing and...

If you've said any of the following...

Then we predict you’ll love the Lightroom Fix, or your money back.

Choose a Plan

Get the Lightroom Fix plus $1,000’s more with the SPS ALL ACCESS subscription. Or buy it outright.

Lightroom Fix

Standalone purchase
$ 199
  • Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Lightroom Fix course.
  • INCREDIBLE SUPPORT: Our members only Facebook Group is widely known as the most encouraging photography group on the internet.
  • 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! And no questions asked!

SPS Membership

Get the Lightroom Fix plus $1,000's more
$ 10
per month paid yearly
  • Get UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Lightroom Fix PLUS every SPS course (25 and counting). $1,000+ Value!
  • MONTHLY THEME with fresh weekly tutorials and weekly shooting challenges.
  • MONTHLY ZOOM MEETUP. Talking all things photography and sharing plenty of laughs!
  • INCREDIBLE SUPPORT: Our "SPS Members" Facebook Group is widely known as the most encouraging photography group on the internet.
  • 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! And no questions asked!


Here's some frequent a's to your q's. And if you still have a question, email us ([email protected])!

Well, EVERYTHING inside SPS! This includes:

No, Adobe Lightroom does NOT come with the Lightroom Fix.  SPS doesn’t make Adobe Lightroom and thus we don’t get to sell it.  🙂

So while you don’t have top purchase Lightroom separately to join the Lightroom Fix, it’ll sure help! 😉 If you haven’t purchased Lightroom, our first module goes over the options.  

Well, pretty much both.  95% of the course covers what is now “Lightroom Classic,” which Adobe is calling its “desktop focused editing.”  “Lightroom CC” effectively became Lightroom’s name for its mobile apps, which we already cover in a module.  In 2019 Adobe dropped the “CC” from its naming schematic.  Jeepers! 🤣

Adobe is not abandoning Lightroom Classic.  They’re just realizing a lot of editing will be done on mobile in the future (and thus require the cloud).

Bottom line is this: when you understand Lightroom Classic, you understand the Lightroom mobile suite as well.  Thus, we focus on Lightroom Classic but we ultimately cover both!

Yes indeed.  Most lessons are video based.  Each lesson also includes a written portion with plenty of illustrations.  No matter what your learning style, we’ll connect.

If you choose the Lightroom Fix only option, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the course.  

If you choose the SPS ALL ACCESS subscription, you get access to the Lightroom Fix and every other course (plus a new course every month) for as long as you’re a member.

If there comes a time when you want to cancel your SPS ALL ACCESS membership, we do provide a way for you to purchase lifetime access to only your favorite course(s) at a substantial savings (50-90%).

You betcha.  Do it all at your own pace!  If you’d rather conquer the course with a group, we offer a group challenge twice per year!


Yes. Even if you haven’t bought Lightroom, we’ll walk you through getting it and starting from square one.

Even seasoned photographers pick up some new tricks in the Lightroom Fix that make it worth every penny!


Absolutely, of course. Shultz Photo School is built on a fully encrypted platform complete with SSL certificates.

We have an extremely active members only Facebook Group and a comment section on each lesson.  The community has evolved into one of our greatest program assets.  Questions usually have an answer within an hour!


Of course.  If you don’t think the course delivers, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days.

Absolutely Zero Risk

If you join the Lightroom Fix and don’t think it delivers in any way, we’ll give you a 100% refund in the first 30 days.

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Course Includes

  • 80 Lessons