• 9 Lessons


    This theme covers shooting backlight in indoor settings, outdoors, how to get a silhouette, as well as how to edit backlit images.

  • 8 Lessons

    Challenge Your Photography: Art at Home

    This theme asks you to challenge your photography with "Art at Home". Projects in this theme are an at Home Mini Session, a Messy Session, Ice Cube Creativity, and Watercolor in Photoshop. Get ready to flex those creative muscles!

  • 7 Lessons

    Challenge Your Photography: Projects

    Take a month to find ways to challenge your photography.

  • 6 Lessons


    There's so much beauty in color! This theme explores color with an introduction to color, and lessons on complementary color, monochrome, and analagous colors.

  • 4 Lessons

    Color Projects

    This theme is all about "Color Projects". Lots of great opportunities to try some fun (and colorful) creative challenges and projects!
  • 14 Lessons

    Creative Composition

    Take a deep dive into composition. Learn what elements strengthen composition and how to use them best. The rule of odds, symmetry, and leading lines are just a few of the topics covered.

  • 7 Lessons

    Golden Hour

    This theme covers Introduction to Golden Hour, Early Golden Hour, True Golden Hour, and Challenging Golden Hour. Bring on the beautiful light because we've got it all covered in this theme!

  • 37 Lessons

    GRADS: Legacy

    This course covers quite a few topics with Master Classes on using edge of shade lighting, lens calibration, and lighting techniques among other topics, Quick Wins on custom white balance, light painting and several other handy techniques, and a ton of shooting and editing tips and techniques. Dig in, sample, hop around - there's no right or wrong way to work through this one.

  • 6 Lessons

    Holiday Edition: Legacy

    This theme includes lessons on passion projects and photographing extended families along with some lessons about using presets and an interview all about gear.
  • 2 Lessons

    Holiday Edition: Bokeh

    This is a short little theme with lessons on getting the best bokeh (that dreamy, blurred background) and getting fun, shaped bokeh. It's a little snack sized bite that's useful and also fun!
  • 8 Lessons

    Holiday Edition: Your Story

    November and December are often a busy season full of traditions, celebrations, family, and friends. We want to help you tell your story of those experiences and memories. Lessons cover flat lays, moment-by-moment grids, face-to-face photo ops, "I was there", stop motion, and passion projects.

  • 6 Lessons

    Indoor Lighting

    Learn to enjoy shooting with the light you've got! This theme covers Indoor lighting types/white balance, natural indoor lighting, flash, and creative indoor light.
  • 11 Lessons

    Life Unscripted

    This theme is dedicated to various techniques to capture and preserve those everyday moments that pass in a heartbeat.

  • 80 Lessons

    Lightroom Fix

    Quality editing will transform your pics. ● Discover pro editing secrets  ● Develop your signature style  ● Create priceless pics Question What’s the difference… Between…
  • 10 Lessons

    Love Your Edit

    Go beyond filters and presets. Up your editing game to transform your pics from good to great, guaranteed!

  • 13 Lessons

    Love Your Light

    An in depth dive into using both on camera and off camera flash.
  • 8 Lessons

    Low Key

    Low Key is the name of the game for this theme. So, embrace those shadows! This theme covers low key, low key portraits, low key silhouettes, and low key self-portraits.

  • 7 Lessons

    Low Light

    Low light can seem like tough stuff, but it can also be so beautiful. This theme will help you feel like low light is something you can (and should) tackle.
  • 7 Lessons


    This theme focuses on using simplicity in our photography. Introduction to Minimalism, Negative Space, Details, and Still Life round out the lessons in this theme.
  • 9 Lessons


    This theme is all about capturing movement and includes lessons on light painting, panning, creative motion blur, and freezing motion among others.

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