How To Remain Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving. Are you thankful today? Gratitude gives a real advantage (Michael Hyatt).  Science shows gratitude reduces stress and improves your relationships.  It improves sleep and regulates blood pressure. But how do you remain thankful? Is gratitude the result of circumstances? Sometimes.  But we know there’s more to it.  Some of the most thankful people are …

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3 Places To Put Your Camera For Better Photos

When we look back at our memory books years from now, I wonder what story they will tell?  Will they tell the stories of holidays, birthdays, and vacations? Or do we, as moms and dads, hope they’ll somehow speak the normal, seemingly mundane narrative in between: play-doh, swing sets, picnics, books, naps, squinkies, fits, rain puddles…the …

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7 Impossibly Tiny Photo Tips

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