Canon 5d mkIII

As a reminder, our camera guides are meant to help you become familiar with the “buttons” of your camera…or in other words, how to operate your camera, and not an explanation on the ‘theory’ of those buttons.  The ‘theory’ or ‘application’ of all these buttons is, of course, why much of the rest of SPS exists.  And to that point, there are plenty of links below should you need a review.

Secondly, I unashamedly am NOT trying to show you each and every button/function of your camera.  There are plenty of places you can find all of that (including your camera manual).  And since you haven’t read any of those, I assume you won’t read it here either.  You’re busy.  I get it.

Which is why I break it down into only 12 buttons/functions.  If you can understand just these 12 buttons/functions, then you will absolutely be able to get 95% of the shots you want.  As is always the case with SPS, we’re focusing on the 20% that makes 80% of the difference.

That said, here’s the Canon 5D mkIII video guide, followed by a list of the 12 with links.


The SPS 12

0. On/Off
  1. Shutter Release Button
  2. How to select Shooting Modes (Auto, Program, Tv, Av, M) and how to change Aperture and/or Shutter Speed (as applicable to each mode)
  3. How to set ISO
  4. How to select/set Focal Point(s) and Auto Focus mode (yep, 2 for 1)
  5. How to set metering mode (especially spot and evaluative)
  6. How to use your AE lock button (Auto Exposure Lock)
  7. How to set your Exposure Compensation
  8. How to set your White Balance
  9. How to set your Drive mode
  10. How to select RAW and/or JPG for your image file type.
  11. How to play/review/delete images.
  12. How to change and set your lens (IS and AF).

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