Backstage Pass 05: Marna Hallman's Beach Shoot


We’re so honored to have one of our very own, Marna Hallman, bring us a backstage pass this month! Marna was at the beach earlier this summer with her fam and she was gracious enough to “press record” as she took some pics of two beautiful littles.

From the first few seconds of the video, it’s clear that Marna has the heart of a teacher.  Right off the bat she sets us up: It’s 7:00 pm and the sun is scheduled to set at 7:44 pm.

Not 7:45.  7:44.

LOVED this!

I was reminded of my wedding photography days and constantly checking the online Farmer’s Almanac to get sunset times in various cities.  The TimeAndDate site is also a great place to check for sunrise/set times.

Marna mentions her main objective upfront: to mix the ambient scene with her on camera flash.

The basic idea is to expose for the ambient (or background) and then fill in your subject with the flash.”

I couldn’t say it any better.

Want to see exactly how this plays out?  Then make sure and tune into 4:30 and beyond, where Marna takes us into Lightroom.  SO glad she decided to be brave and include this portion!

Toward the end of the video, you’ll even get some hints on how to enable your “Blinky Review” and High Speed Sync…which might be a future master class.

Okay, here’s the video:[hide_from accesslevel=”GRADS Charter”]


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Tools Mentioned:

Gary Fong Flash Diffusers

Yong Nuo Speedlights

AlienBees Flashes (note, Paul C Buff just updated the AlienBees with their new DigiBees…which I highly recommend if you’re going to plunge into the world of “real flashes”)



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5 thoughts on “Backstage Pass 05: Marna Hallman's Beach Shoot”

  1. I’m catching up on watching these videos but the horizon straighten tip was a huge revelation! I can NOT shoot a straight photo to save my life…
    Thanks Marna!!!! Love seeing how you work your magic!

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