6 more fun & powerful reasons to use Google Photos

After last week’s post about Amazon Photos we had a huge wave of questions flood the inbox.  A common question went like this:

But I thought you liked Google Photos?  You just posted about it a month or so ago.  Do you NOT recommend Google Photos any more?  And what about (insert a dozen other solutions here)?


My short answer: I still love Google Photos.  I use both Google Photos and Amazon Photos.

Also know this:

  • I’ve already begun an in-depth post comparing the most popular photo storage services.
  • I’ve already begun a post outlining the exact system I’m using currently.
  • I’ll always be adding updates to this topic as it’s ever changing.
  • I realize everyone has different preferences, which is why I’ll review a wide range of options.

Now with that said, this post is really “Part 2” of my “Google Photos Review.”  Part 1: 3 Reasons You Have To Try Google Photos can be found here.  If you haven’t seen it, you really must to fully appreciate what this app can do.

That said, here’s….

6 more reasons to try Google Photos:

  1. The INSANELY accurate and powerful facial recognition capabilities.  Watch (below) Google group pics of my grandpa together from when he was a kid and an adult.
  2. New “Sync Delete” option.  There’s now a way to delete photos/videos from “the cloud” and keep a copy on your device.
  3. New “Rediscover Your Memories” feature.  Google, by far, does the best job of making your pics fun to look at.  This is one of the latest ways its “Assistant” is making me smile and enjoy old photos.
  4. New “Rediscover This Day” feature.  More fun! More memories!  You can allow Google Photos to send you little notifications of “This day 2 years ago,” etc.  It’s a great way to spend 15 seconds appreciating and remembering your story!
  5. Animations from videos.  Last time I showed you animations created from images.  Now Google Photos is creating animations from videos.  Very cool!
  6. After extended use and comparison, I’ve found Google Photos to have the best user interface by a good margin.  It even bests the user interface of my native iPhone “Photos” app.  Here’s a post and quick 1-minute video that shows you why I think this!

Okay, here’s a quick video showing you all these features:

Ready to try it out?  Go for it!

Okay, let’s end with a reminder: I’ll be breaking down the pros and cons of Google Photos in an upcoming “Photo App Comparison.”  Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “6 more fun & powerful reasons to use Google Photos”

  1. Courtney Northcutt

    I enjoyed your post and video. Thanks for sharing. I agree the facial recognition is amazing. Too bad I can’t use it to separate my children’s photos because they are identical twins! 🙂

  2. Am I correct that google photos does not offer unlimited storage? From what I can tell I have 15GB to work with for all of my google stuff, like google drive and google photos. So wouldn’t that storage space end up getting used very quickly if I uploaded all my pictures?

    1. It’s unlimited in the High Quality setting. High quality limits the file to 16mp. If you’re shooting at a higher resolution and want to maintain the full rez, then you can buy a variety of plans to fit your needs. For example, 1TB of google storage for all your full rez files is just $99 / year. But otherwise, you can get truly unlimited storage for High Resolution (nor original resolution).

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