3 ways to make photography fun for kids!

We’re bringing this post back (with some quick spruce ups) because with so much of the nation at home and with Spring weather finally arriving for much of the country, what better time to get your kiddos involved in photography?  Making it fun may just spark a lifelong love and hobby for them (with a side of sanity for yourself)!


As parents, we’re pretty used to being the primary memory-keepers.  But there’s a huge benefit in helping our kids fall in love with photography: they’ll help us capture our family stories.  Besides, most kids will jump at the opportunity to learn about photography!

Imagine looking at pics in 20 years, many of them being through the eyes/lens of your kids.  Priceless!

All that said, here are 3 simple ideas to help spark your own kids’ interest in photography:

1. Anything and everything macro!

Macro photography is such a fun place to start with photography.   Its essence is getting really close (either literally, or with the use of some zoom magic) to your subject.  From little crawly things to flowers in bloom to the blueberries on the counter, kids will get a kick out of making a big deal out of small things!

In fact, you might think back to the beginning of your fascination with photography and remember some of the earliest wins being macro photography.  It’s a great place to experience early and easy success!

Current phone models excel at macro – more so than a lot of cameras (unless you have a macro lens).  Macro is a great way to see the world through a child’s eye and let them experience it without needing them to hold the “big camera.”

2. Photo Scavenger Hunt!

This can be as simple and straightforward, or as creative, as you need it to be (depending on age).  The boundaries could be within your back yard or your entire neighborhood. Endless options here, and one that might keep your kids entertained for hours! 🙂

This is another one that works really well with a phone or tablet!

3. Create a simple photo book!

This isn’t about designing as much as it’s about seeing their images in PRINT!  There’s something about holding images in your hands.  Kids are used to seeing pics on a digital screen.  Ironically, show them one of their pictures printed on a piece of paper, and they’ll think it’s ACTUAL MAGIC!  (Maybe not really, but it will draw them in and you’ll find them looking at it again and again.)

We recommend Chatbooks. You can get a high quality 60 page book (1 image per page makes it a 2 second design process) for $8 shipped!

Shutterfly is also having a free extra pages sale through Sunday, April 5.  Depending on whether your kids are super clickers or not, it could save you a bundle!

Bonus – for older kids

If you have a tween or teen who’s got an interest in photography, we encourage you to have them watch the replays of our first two live classes for teens.  Monday’s class was all about composition and we covered lighting on Wednesday.  Friday’s class will be centered on using your phone for photography.   Join us  on our Facebook page at 12:00pm CST or catch the replay if you can’t.    If your tween or teen is ready to dig in and really learn about photography, we are launching our Photo Fix for Teens course and enrollment is open through April 10.

However you choose to get your kiddos involved in photography, please continue to stay safe out there!

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