3 Variations on a Valentine’s Day Photo Project

Image courtesy of SPS Member Jessica Cadle

If you’re still reading about Valentine’s Day on January 24, kudos and thank you! This idea requires a little prep work and needs to be ready to go on February 1, so we thought we should probably give you a head start.

Have you seen the Pinterest posts about putting a little note on your kiddo’s door every day from February 1 to Valentine’s Day sharing something you love about them? Maybe you’ve even done it. Confession… I intend to do it every single year and then manage to fail to be ready on time.

This idea is a take on that one. Instead of a love note, how about putting one picture a day on their bedroom door from February 1-14? It’ll be a great conversation starter as you remember together the adventure you were having or why you took that picture of them.

Remember when we went fishing and you caught that huge fish and I caught a tiny one?

We had so much fun playing board games by the fire when you guys had a snow day from school!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Use Vacation Photos

Image courtesy of SPS Staffer Sarah Gannaway

Take a trip down memory lane and all the adventures you’ve shared. Or grab 14 photos from a single trip – speaking for myself, that would be a breeze. I tend to shoot A LOT. No matter which vacation photos you choose, they’re sure to bring a smile to your kiddo’s face and put joy in both of your hearts.

2. Revisit milestones

Image courtesy of SPS Member Claire Sheppard

Birthdays, first days of school, first teeth, lost teeth – all the big ones! Remembering birthday parties and lost teeth and first times on two wheelers is fun and easy to talk about.

4. Embrace the everyday

Image courtesy of SPS Member Lindsey Larivee

Playing games. Making crafts. Trips to Target. Donuts for supper (guilty). These are the little everyday memories that will last. My own kiddos absolutely love to hear stories about when they were little and images like these will spark them for sure!

Use any of these ideas or mix them up! Have fun!

We hope you’re inspired to share a little extra love with your little (or not so little) ones this February!

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