3 Tips for shooting landscapes

Image courtesy of Jenna Thiessen 1/5 F14 ISO 100 10mm

Do you have some summer vacation plans? Reports are that most of the nation does this summer.

A couple of summers ago, SPS Member Jenna Thiessen shared some of her tips for capturing great landscapes for our Summer Shooting theme. Today, you get to peek in on what she shared.

Whether your summer plans take you far or keep you close to home, these tips will help you grab some great images!

1. Plan ahead (when you can)

Jenna shared, “When I go on a trip, knowing there will be beautiful landscapes to photograph, I always plan ahead.  I read blog posts on the area I will be travelling to, and follow people on Instagram who have traveled in the area.  I want to know the hot spots, and the secluded spots.”

“If you are able to plan ahead, and do your research, you won’t miss out on some of the really cool locations.  When you research before, you can have an idea in your head of what kind of photo you want to take. I used a tripod and slow shutter speed to get the movement of the water.”

Image courtesy of Jenna Thiessen 1/8 F11 ISO 320 10mm

2. Vary your perspective (and angles)

“Use different angles to make the photo more interesting.  Find an object to place in the foreground and have the landscape in the background.  This could be flowers, a stump, log, rock, canoes, etc. Place it off to the side of your photo, or in the foreground, so you can still see the landscape behind it.”

Image courtesy of Jenna Thiessen 1/3200 F3.2 ISO 100 35mm

3. Horizon (let the sky or the land win)

“Where I live, it is as flat as can be! This is where the rule of thirds can help make the photo be more interesting.  Either have your sky take up 2/3 of the photo, and the land, 1/3, or vice versa.” When you let one ‘win’, your horizon will fall on either the top thirds or lower thirds line. This makes it easy for your viewer’s eye to rest first on the horizon and then explore the rest of the image.

Image courtesy of SPS Member Jenna Thiessen  1/160 F11 ISO 400 10mm 

Three delightfully easy tips to pump up your summer vacation (or staycation) images. Endless ways to use them. Get out there and get some shots!

Cheers to a wonderful summer ahead!

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