3 Frightfully Simple Tricks for Better Halloween Pics

Trick or treat?

How about both!

Here are 3 tricks for better Halloween pics.  Our treat: a bonus tip at no extra charge!

1. Take your full length shot at waist level.

Most parents will be taking the full length costume shot (a couple hundred times) on Trick or Treat night.  The key to making this look the best: get down to your subject’s waist level.

That’s right, don’t stand up and point that camera down.  Get lower!  Shoot at their waist level to be exact.  You’ll get:

  • Better backgrounds
  • A better view of the entire costume
  • A more intimate perspective of your kiddo’s face.

Example: If these pics had been taken standing up, the little faces we be lost as the focus of the shots and we’d have a lot more concrete as the background:

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Rachael Simon
Image Courtesy of SPS Grads member Jessica Zobrist
Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Heather Tucker

2. Don’t forget the close up.

We’re often so focused on the outfit/costume that we forget that it’s also the perfect time for a close up!

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Beth Reed
Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Danielle Blewitt

3. Tell the story.

Your favorite pics might just be the ones where you catch a slice of the story.  Shot on the fly, they might not be technically perfect, but they’ll be the ones you come back to again and again.  

Image courtesy of SPS staff member Sarah Gannaway

Bonus! Don’t wait til dark to take your pics.

Our camera’s sensors are so much less sensitive than our eyes. If your community trick or treats in the evening (or even if there’s just a good chance it’ll be frigid and your little ones will be layered up within an inch of their lives), don’t wait until dark to snap all of your pics. You can even have the kiddos dress up the day or week before and snap some great pics. It takes some of the pressure off of trying to get the shot on Trick or Treat night!

Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Chesha Oliver
Image courtesy of SPS Grads member Kristina Hill

And that’s it!  Happy shooting and happy (early) Halloween!

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