2019 Photography Stocking Stuffer Picks

If you’re like most people who have a love of photography, you have a running (often growing) wish list. The SPS Staff decided to get together and share some items from our wish lists in case it might help feed yours be helpful during the upcoming gift giving season.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share our picks in the Stocking Stuffer (gifts $25 or less), Living in the Real World (gifts $500 or less), and Only in My Dreams (gifts $2500 and less) categories. We figured we’d break you in slowly and then move up to the big leagues just before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales hit. We try to be kind like that.

Without further adieu, here are the SPS Staff Pick Stocking Stuffers. We hope you find something for your own list or as an idea for a photographer in your life.

Camera buddy (aka – the attention grabber)

These fun little guys come in tons of designs and fit around your camera lens. They’re good for a lot more than just looking cute, too! Need help getting kids to ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE LENS (not that I’ve struggled with this personally)? Camera Critter to the rescue! You could make up a funny story involving your little friend to help get smiles or you can ask your subjects to make up a silly story to help get and keep them engaged with you. This Camera Critter is on Michelle’s wishlist.

Prisms, and tubes, and orbs, oh my!

Annette’s Wish List includes this triangular prism along with some copper tube (also available at your local hardware store). Really? Yes! She saw this article on Digital Photography School all about using copper tubes, prisms, and glass orbs to creative unique effects in photography and she’s ready to dive in. I love the effects you can create with copper tube and I’ll be adding that to my own wish list this Christmas!

A soft place for your drone to land

Our resident drone pilot, Josh, hopes to find this drone landing pad in his stocking. It keeps sensors and camera from getting dirty in less than optimal landing conditions. If you’ve been bitten by the drone bug, you should probably have this on your list, too!

Don’t try this (with your lens) at home

Erica found this super cute lens coffee mug. Personally, I LOVE that it’s Canon inspired with that red line (she shoots Sony) and definitely hope she finds it in her stocking this Christmas!

Pretty (useful) paper

Savage paper also made Annette’s Stocking Stuffer list this year (although you might be hard pressed to actually fit a roll into a stocking!). It comes in a ton of colors and it makes a seamless backdrop or floordrop and you just roll out a fresh length when you need to. It definitely falls into the super fun and also useful category!

Intervalometer (it’s so fun to say that it doesn’t need a catchy title)

An intervalometer is top on my list this year. I chose to feature this one because it has adapters for a whole bunch of camera models and brands, but you should definitely make sure that whatever you purchase (or ask for) will work with your specific camera. These little gems enable you to do fun things like put your camera on a tripod (or table) and set it to shoot one frame every few seconds (or minutes). Some of our members have captured Christmas morning memories this way and it’s so much fun and totally hands free so that you can be fully immersed in the joy and the chaos. Intervalometers are also super handy for long exposure photography because you can shoot for longer than the max shutter built into your camera and also eliminate the potential for camera shake when you depress the shutter button.

You’re going to flip (your lens)

Leave it to Josh to blow the Stocking Stuffer budget right out of the water. Because this lens change out tool from Peak Designs is both cool and nerdy, we’ll give him a pass and allow it. (And it’s on my list, too, so that counts for something.) Just what is this cool and nerdy little gadget? We’re glad you asked! It’s the perfect way to carry an extra lens for quick changing in the field. No more cradling one lens in the crook of your elbow while you try to juggle the back cap and fit the new lens to camera. Just twist your old lens onto the empty side of the Capture Lens and then swivel it to unscrew your new lens and put it directly onto your camera. So much less hassle and chance for dropping a lens! Pro tip – Make sure you get the right mount for your camera’s lenses (or remind whomever is awesome enough to get this for you)!

Everyone needs a pen

While this lens pen is on Erica’s list this year, it should be on everyone’s. These little tools are small but invaluable. This one is double ended with a chamois on one end for picking up dust and a soft brush end for clearing larger debris without scratching your lens.

We could go on and on and on, but hopefully this gives you a fun sample of things we’re hoping to find in our stockings this year and maybe some inspiration for something you’d like to find in yours!

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