2019 Photography ‘Only in My Dreams’ Picks

The final installment in our three part Staff Picks Wish List series is here! While we titled this one ‘Only in My Dreams’, we did try to keep the budget in the $2500 neighborhood for most picks.


Good glass tops the wish list of many photographers and the SPS Staff is no different.

Josh has his eye on the Sony G Master 24-70 lens. It’ll cost you a whopping $2200, but from the reviews, its superior quality and this focal length’s versatility will be worth every penny if you’re a Sony shooter! The Canon and Nikon versions of this lens are equally versatile and also quality glass (and they won’t empty your pockets quite as much, either).

The Sony G Master 85mm f1.4 is on Erica’s Dream List because not only does it have dreamy bokeh, but it’s also a great focal length for portraits. If you’re not a Sony shooter, we’d suggest the Sigma Art line for both Nikon and Canon (just make sure you choose the right version when you buy).

If you’re a primes shooter, a 35mm lens can be a great investment. It’s also great for capturing the big picture at weddings or other gatherings or for small spaces. Erica recommends the Canon version which comes in well under the dream budget at around $1700. The Sigma Art version is also a great option and comes in far closer to ‘Livin’ in the Real World’ at around $700. Pro tip – if you’re going to own a Sigma Art lens (or two), you’ll want the calibration dock to maximize the sharpness of your lens and minimize any frustration over soft images.

Sarah G (the last standing Canon shooter on the SPS Team) has been after the 70-200mm f2.8 for as long as she can remember. At a cool $1800, it never seems to make it to the Real World List. The reach on this lens is great and the overall range makes it a very versatile (albeit heavy) choice. The Nikon version runs around $2200 and the Sony G Master version is around $2600.

Listen here, Mac…

Most of the team is already editing on a Mac, but a Mac is at the very top of Sarah G’s Dream list.  And if you’re going to dream… you may as well dream big.   This 16″ MacBook Pro has lots of real estate in the way of a 16″ screen, tons of processing power, a 1TB of SSD storage, and the reputation and reliability of a Mac. The price tag blows our budget a bit at $2800, but Apple does have a trade in program.

If you’re not into looking for a Mac, then a laptop intended for gaming is probably going to be your best bet. It’ll have a killer graphics card and plenty of memory to run Lightroom and Photoshop.

A Legion of power at your fingertips

If you’re looking to edit on your desktop, the Lenovo Legion series is the way to go. The 8 core processor has a whopping 32GB of RAM and an amazing graphics card, but does come with a price tag of $2600. Here, too, if you aren’t looking at a Mac, you’ll want to be looking at a gaming pc. You’ll note that this is the tower only. A seriously tricked out desktop computer is going to cost you two slots on your Christmas wish list. For a monitor, how about the 27″ LG Ultrafine boasting 5k graphics? It comes in way under the dream budget at $1300.

A 27″ iMac with 8 core processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 2TB hard drive is another great Dream option for desktop editing. It comes in just over budget at $2900, but some upgrades were optional.

Switch hitter

If Dream Lists came true, Sarah G might consider giving up her holdout as the last standing Canon shooter and switch to Sony. The Eye AutoFocus of Sony mirrorless cameras simply can’t be beat and losing the bulk of a dSLR is really attractive, too. The Sony a7R III also has 4k HDR video capabilities and 42.4MP images. Even if you don’t go to the top of the line model, if you’re considering a new camera body and don’t have too much invested in lenses (although there are quality adapters available to bridge that gap) don’t discount a move to Sony.

Our Only in Our Dreams lists were shorter, but they definitely packed a punch! Hopefully this series gave you some ideas for your own list or at least a chuckle.

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