145: New

This week, we will see the dawn of a new year.  With that in mind, we’re challenging you to show us ‘new’ this week.  It could be a new technique, something that is new, someone that is new, or any other way you can think to depict ‘new’.  As always, use composition, light, perspective, and editing to strengthen your image.

Sharing Instructions

Image courtesy of Rachel Toothman

You don’t have to share your masterpiece with us.  But we’d love it if you did!

Here are the rules:

  1. Post your pic. 
  2. Hashtag it with #SPSGradsPractice and #SPSGradsPractice145 and (if you’re inclined) #yourfirstandlastname (so your adoring fans can search your work) in our Facebook Group.  BTW, please use our GRADS group, not our LR Group.

Bonus! Please post to Instagram!

If you post and hashtag (#SPSGradsPractice) your SINGLE practice pic to Instagram, we’ll be able to view all pics on one single page.

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