12.11.20 Member Update

You guys are putting up SO many good images for the scavenger hunt!  We’re also THRILLED to see so many new members jumping in and posting!  Thank you all for keeping our December fun and festive!  We’ve supersized Inspiration and Learning this week because we just could NOT narrow it down.  

Featured Image from Beth Hubbard

New this week

We say it every week I think, but this week’s lesson is GOOD!  The whole family could help with ideas for this as well!  Sarah Bednar teaches us how to do stop motion!  What a fun way to use our photography right?  Don’t miss it!

All the stop motion fun goes in this album!

The Holiday Edition of the Magazine is already shaping up to be full of joy and inspiration. If you haven’t had a chance to catch some of the photo hunt, grab the list here and join in!

Coming up

There’s a secret project in the works, make sure to check Facebook for what it could be!  More information coming soon!



Featured Image from Rachael Simon

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