12.11.20 Member Update

You guys.  I feel like I’m on repeat, but I have to say it again.  Inspiration could easily have been 30 posts long this week again.  You guys are posting so many fantastic images and making it really difficult to narrow the field every week.  Don’t stop!!  We are excited for the week ahead!  

Featured Image from Nicole Paul

New this week

Did you see the big, secret project reveal?  We have a hard copy SPS 2020 Showcase Magazine that you can order and have in your own home!  You can see more details in Erica’s post.  

Take this week to catch a Throwback Thursday lesson on extended family portraits, catch a photo hunt prompt, or share your #bestof2020!!  This is always a favorite activity in the group.  No rules on how many to share, but hashtag it #Bestof2020.  If you have been participating in the #SPSMembers52, share your grids!  Regardless of how much or how little you have shot in 2020, post your best to the newsfeed.  Let’s celebrate our growth in 2020! More details on how to post can be found here. 

So many more cheerful and inspiring images have been added to the Holiday Edition of the Magazine!



Featured Image from Carolyn Walter

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