05.14.21 Member Update

We’ve been so excited to see you all take this month’s theme and run with it! 

Cair Re Lu popped in and dropped this super fanciful image of her daughter playing beneath a flowering tree.  The combination of childhood mirth, wonderfully warm light, and the blossoms made this one a stand out and earned it a Feature.  A bustling street scene juxtaposed with a comparatively calm sky snagged the second Featured Image for Jogvan Simonsen.  

Featured Image from Cair Re Lu

New this week

What a beautiful month so far!  Nature is an amazing theme, right??!  Let’s capture nature in a unique way with flatlays!  This week’s lesson is packed with inspiration and information.  Catch the lesson here!  Thank you to Adrianne Scalera, Carolyn Walter, Douglas Chamberlain, and Shannon Wald for all your help!

Fill this album with all of the flat lays!

The first Magazine of the month is filled with the textures and patterns (and colors!) of nature and it’s gorgeous!

Coming up

Update for Virtual Meet Ups!  

Unfortunately, at our last virtual meet up we were hacked.  Although we have private link settings in place, bots were able to get into our link.  In order to avoid this happening again, we are asking for your help with a few extra safety measures.  Please have your zoom name be your first and last name (you can rename yourself upon entry – if you don’t know how to do this it’s in the zoom settings).  Once you have entered the room we are going to ask each person to briefly have their video camera on so we can see you and verify you are part of the SPS community.  Once we have recognized your sweet faces we will then allow you to turn off your camera if you prefer.  We will also disable screen sharing unless we’ve given permission to do so.  We thank you for your understanding and hope to see you all at our next virtual meet up!

Save the date!  We will be interviewing Sara Miedema (LittleHarborHome on Instagram).  She creates beautiful images of her 4 kids and the nature around them.  We can’t wait to chat with her May 25th 8pm CST/9 pm EST.  Link to come.



Featured Image from Jogvan Simonsen

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