05.07.21 Member Update

Between pets and nature, it’s been so much fun to scroll the feed this week!

Monica Mozuch’s shot of a tulip has light, pattern, and so many fun colors all without being overwhelming. Its simple spring beauty makes it a great choice for this week’s first Feature. Conversely, Shannon Wald’s leaf image is much deeper in tone and full of all kinds of wonderful texture. It’s a bit of a visual playground and earned her the second Feature this week.

Featured Image from Monica Mozuch

New this week

This next week is all about the sky!  It’s time to let it be the star of the photo!  Catch this week’s lesson here with many inspiring images!

Give us all of your big sky shots right in this new album.

April gave us one more Magazine filled with gorgeous images.  Make sure you check it out!

Coming up

Save the date!  We will be interviewing Sara Miedema (@LittleHarborHome on Instagram).  She creates beautiful images of her four kids and the nature around them.  We can’t wait to chat with her May 25th 8pm CST/9 pm EST.  Link to come.



Featured Image from Shannon Wald

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