04.16.21 Member Update

The feed seems so happy this month as more and more of us get to the part of Spring where the weather warms, everything grows, and we fully emerge from our winter cocoons (apologies to our Canadian friends with snow still on the ground). 

When a lawn sprinkler becomes a thing of beauty…it deserves a Feature.  Kudos to Matt Eide for turning the ordinary into something wonderful.  Mindy Jensen knocked her in home studio shot of this young girl out of the park and snagged our second Feature this week.  

Featured Image from Matt Eide

New this week

Next up for specialized photography is Brand Photography!  Have you ever had a business, entrepreneur, or friend reach out for photos to help with her brand?  Erica Ogden gives a peek into Brand Photography that she does for a friend who is an Instagram Influencer.

The newest issue of the Magazine has so many beautiful images! 

Practice images for this week’s theme can go in the new album!

Coming up

**Date change** April 26th 9pm EST/8pm CST is our next virtual meet up.  Break out rooms will be back!



Featured Image from Mindy Jensen

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